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Friday, January 20, 2017

Trolls in social media and Trump's MPD

It's my opinion, only my own, that Donald J. Trump can possibly be representing himself as multiple personalities on Twitter. He's capable of it.

Too many evil "Trump trolls" parrot what he says and the way he forms half phrases. In fact, I've blocked several Trump trolls who I suspect might really be him, or else they're talented impersonators.  
Trump trolls could be surrogates representing Donald Trump or even be himself!

How will the Presidential social media security stop Donald Trump from creating alter egos, and aliases on Twitter and other social media platforms? This wasn't a concern for President Obama, who always Tweeted uplifting or intelligent messages. I haven't seen any Donald Trump Tweets (DTTs) where he hasn't obliquely insulted someone, even by omission. Talk about on line bullying?
Paleeeeze! He seems to begin each day with a Twitter insult.

Hopefully, Donald Trump is receiving psychiatric counseling for his multiple mental health issues, including brushes with "multiple personality disorder" or MPD. Jimmy Fallon sure captured the essence of this disorder in the skit where he played Donald Trump as he interviewed himself, in this video clip.

In fact, here's yet another clip on this site where the subject of Donald Trump's mental health is the displayed.

Here are some of my personal observations about Twitter trolls, in general:

1.  They never "ever" form an original opinion to post.
2.  Trolls attack the messenger with slanderous words. They never attack a concept, because they can only understand concrete phrases like "you are ugly" and very much worse stuff.
3.  Trolls reduce their posts to the lowest use of language and typically insert vulgarity.
4.  Trolls hate being blocked, because it takes away their only orgasmic return for creating vitriolic messaging, i.e., they have lost your attention!

In fact, Donald Trump even admitted to calling at least one television show while misrepresenting himself, so there's no telling how many others he's contacted, as a multiple personality.

It's possible, in my opinion, that Donald Trump may have even camouflaged himself as a "right wing black man" on Twitter. Otherwise, if it wasn't Donald Trump, maybe it was "Breitbart-barfcart" Steve Bannon; but it was a misrepresentation, that's for sure. It was in the form of one person who posted racist comments about Dr. Martin Luther King and Congressman John Lewis; but he gave himself the cover of being a Black Man, while doing so. That troll was lying.

Honestly, given the general nature of the weird "Trolls" who post on Twitter, I just don't find that the representation of a Black man denigrating Civil Rights leaders as being possible. Trump trolls just aren't capable of creating even this low level of obtuse thinking. 

Obviously, I can't prove if the multiple personality "Black person",who misrepresented, was Donald Trump or a surrogate like Bannon. Nevertheless, the fact is, when I accused this person of lying, he just raised his ire even more against me and, of course, I blocked him. No way was he a Black man but, of course, I can't say for sure who he was, really. If he was a Black man, his Twitter icon would've helped to prove it; but his photo block was an algebraic figure for "pi"- go figure. No, he wasn't a Black man on Twitter, a man who used a racist cover to hide his bigotry; but surely, he was a white racist bigot.

In fact, Donald Trump's "Twitter trolls" simply don't know how to use Twitter. Typically, the trolls who attack on his behalf never use full sentences or include Twitter types of lingo in their posts. Most telling, they hardly ever have more than a few dozen followers.  Apparently, they just follow one another.

Frankly, Donald Trump's cult following can't read beyond what they hear their leader say, which is then parroted in vulgar rhetoric. 

Regardless of who is trolling for Donald Trump on Twitter, or if he is trolling for himself, there is one universal rule to follow when they reveal their snarly and short sentences rhetoric: "Block them". To those trolls, it's like Coitus interruptus.

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