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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Donald Trump brand now labeled "disqualified"

"Not fit for political consumption"  

Image result for Donald TrumpWater Unfit for Human Consumption Sign Postcard

Donald Trump is unfit.
Donald Trump disqualified himself as a political candidate by refusing to answer the question posed by the third debate moderator Chris Wallace, about whether or not he would accept the results of the democratic presidential election.  

Republican pundit Steve Schmidt described Donald Trump as having certain moments in the debate when he was rambling, especially in response to the subject of Aleppo, in Syria. As a matter of fact, Chris Wallace had to bring focus to Trump's comments about Aleppo. 

Nicolle Wallace, who was a communications advisor to Republican President George Bush, said Trump put "lights out" on his campaign when he refused to say he would accept the outcome of a US democratic election.  

Obviously, someone had the guts to give Trump a reality check about his delusional presidential prospects. Indeed, Donald Trump "trumped up" his previously favorable poll results when he was popular for railing against the clown car of Republican primary opponents. Nevertheless, Trump is now unable to accept trending current reports showing him behind the growing support for Hillary Clinton's campaign.

As Donald Trump continues to decompensate during the intensifying campaign, he's also establishing his "brand" as being "unqualified". This negativity can even impact all Trump investments. 

Frankly, Americans can't put our democratic brand at risk. voters must reject Donald Trump and elect Hillary Clinton because she has demonstrated competent, sane, qualified, experienced and humanitarian political leadership. Donald Trump's brand of politics is labeled "unqualified" and he's unfit for leadership.

Congratulations and thank you for Hillary Clinton because she is the only candidate who has faced Donald Trump down.  She has brilliantly spoken truth to power.

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