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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Trump barking & whining: junk yard dog syndrome

Watch out for junk yard dogs! They are dangerous!

Donald Trump has become a person who barks and whines. In an eerie way, he has become especially nasty and combative showing his demeanor as symptomatic of a personality disorder, something like being a political junk yard dog.

Image result for danger junkyard dog sign

It's become embarassingly more obvious, espcecially as the stress of the presidential political campaign grows, that Donald Trump is unfit by character and temperament to lead the free world. He has less intellect than a cornered junk yard dog.

Can somebody please provide Donald Trump with a suitable tranquilizer?  

Tragically, Donald Trump is leading America into a Dante like inferno of suspicion, conspiracy theories, fear and resulting unpredictability, the likes of which our nation's political system has never known. Indeed, an abyss from which we might not politically recover.  Republicans who support Trump are branded as being unable to recover from this negative exposure.

Using Tromponian rhetoric, he created a huge swamp of discord, also attracted a basket of deplorable racist voters and ceated a new characicture of stupidity now branding all Republicans.

Americans must vote for progressive leadership to move us out of this turmoil. Hillary Clinton will provide consistent leadership. She's a known and reliable entity to Americans and to the world.  God help us, we need a sane, competent and intelligent president. 

I'm with her!

Junk yard dogs deserve to live behind fences and walls where voters can't hear their barking and whining.



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