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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Republican reality check- Charles Krauthammer calls out Trump

Conservative journalists have gone where cowardly Republican politicians have not dared to tread. In fact, pundits like Bill Kristol and now Charles Krauthammer are holding Donald Trump accountable for his words. Kristol has been saying all along that Donald Trump is not a conservative. Now, Charles Krauthammer is strongly criticizing Donald Trump for promoting dictator character traits akin to what is executed in Banana Republics.

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Bill Kristol

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Charles Krauthammer
Krauthammer: Trump Threat to Prosecute Hillary Sounds Like a 'Banana Republic'- FoxNews

Krauthammer: Trump Threat To Prosecute Hillary Clinton, That's "Banana Republic"- Real Clear Politics

Isn't it ironic how the clarion call words of Vice Presidential candidate Lloyd Benson ring clear from Conservative pundits in the 2016 presidential campaign.  

"Dear Mr. Trump, both Bill Kristol and Charles Krauthammer are political conservatives. Mr. Trump, you are no conservative!" 

As a matter of fact, Maine Writer might even indulge and go so far as to say Hillary Clinton is, likely, more of a conservative than Donald Trump; because, at least, Americans know where she stands on her issues, plus she's been transparent enough to share her tax returns.

Americans must vote for leadership we know and reject the man behind the curtain who blows smoke without any substance.

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