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Friday, February 26, 2016

Marco Rubio always comes up short on leadership

The Atlantic reports: Let's say you're 42 years old—a spring chicken, and yet already a high-profile member of Congress. You've got a seat in the Senate that seems fairly secure. Meanwhile, the Republican presidential field is jam-packed, one of the strongest groups in recent memory, and running for president would mean surrendering your Senate seat. Your whole career is ahead of you. Why run for president?
Well, as a matter of fact, Senator Marco Rubio has the grand idea that he can do just that. Yet, Rubio lost another leadership moment following the February 25th GOP primary debate. An inability to seize the spotlight and keep it is the only consistency in the Rubio communication campaign.

Senator Marco Rubio is an attractive politician with a Hispanic heritage rooted in Cuba. As a result, he fits in Florida's political system, where he rose through the Republian political ranks. Nevertheless, Rubio consistently comes up short when he's been given the nationnal spotlight and opportunity to seize leadership. Now, Rubio wants to be president of the United States, but he comes up short at moments when he's given undivided attention to close the political deal.  

For example, when Republicans gave Rubio a debutante party following President Obama's February 12, 2013, State of the Union speech, the result was his visual dependence on a ridiculous water battle. Now, Rubio is describing his political adversary Donald Trump as being insecure during breaks in Republican debate arguments. Honestly, I think Rubio's "blinky bottle" incident was a sign of insecurity, more visual than anything I've seen in Donald Trump's response to intense criticism

In another incident, today on the MSNBC "Morning Joe", Senator Rubio was given a leadership chance. He should've been highlighting the success he had attacking Donald Trump in the GOP political debate, prior to Tuesday's primary elections. Unfortunately, instead of showing leadership in this interview, Rubio went on a rant about how the media picked on his juvenile offense, when he was apparantly arrested for underage drinking a beer in a Florida park. Oh paaaaleeeze! What Rubio should've said was something statesman like, "I want the American people to know how Donald Trump is a con artist, as a matter of fact, he's telling us he's a Republican, but we don't know what he represents. Certainly, Donald Trump isn't a conservative, like me." Instead, Senator Rubio talked about being arrested as a juvenile and he asked why the media isn't picking on Trump the way he was vetted?  

Time after time, Rubio comes up short when he should sieze the leaderhsip spotlight. He doesn't even routinely show up to vote in the US Senate, where he was elected to serve his Florida constituents.

In fact, the Florida newspaper "Sun Sentinel" reports that after five years in the U.S. Senate, Marco Rubio does not like his job. A long-time friend told The Washington Post "he hates it." Rubio says hate might be too strong a word, but he sure acts like he hates his job.

Rubio has missed more votes than any other senator this year. His seat is regularly empty for floor votes, committee meetings and intelligence briefings. He says he's MIA from his J-O-B because he finds it frustrating and wants to be president, instead. (Well, if really Rubio wants to be president, the first rule is to show leadership.) "Your job is to represent Floridians in the Senate.
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Senator  Marco Rubio misses the political leadership he needs to be president.  He knows how to criticize but he has no politcal positions I can articulate.

Either do your job, Sen. Rubio, or resign it," write the Sun Sentinel editorial board.

As matter of fact, Senator Rubio should resign from the Republican presidential campain because, frankly, he simply doesn't have the leadership skills American needs. As Governor Christie said, "We're not electing a student council president." 

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