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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Republicans have a counting problem

It makes no sense to me how Republicans called their Iowa caucuses a victory when three of the candidaates earned less than 30 percent of the party's support. In my mind Cruz-28 %, Trump = 24% and Rubio claiming 23% were medicore results. Nevertheless, "Cruz to loose" the junior Senator Ted Cruz from Texas was popping champagne because he led the pack of 20 percenters. Makes no sense to me. Of course, post the FITN New Hampshire primary (first in the nation= FITN) there is now another famous front runner. Donald Trump received 99,839 votes, or 35 percent of the Republican support. 
It made for a pretty pie chart picture....Senator Bernie Sanders took a huge chunk of the "pie chart" in the New Hampshire primary.

At 35 percent, Trump hardly received whole hearted GOP endorsement for his presidential candidacy; yet, his win was a significant margin over the second place John Kasich, the Republican governor of Ohio, whose campaign stump speech was about "being nice". Kasich received 44,595 votes, or 16 percent of the Republican vote. Hmmmm, I don't see 16 percent as anything to get excited about and it's not likely to carry him into Cleveland's national convention hall.

In fact, if counting "counts" in an election, the winner of the FITN New Hampshire primary election was unquestionably Senator Bernie Sanders!

Although Secretary Hillary Clinton received an impressive 94,770, usually enough votes to carry a winner in a New Hampshire primary, her competitor for the Democratic nomination, Senator Sanders, wolloped everybody with 150, 403 vote count.

In summary, the Republicans have a counting problem.  It was Senator Sanders who won the FITN New Hampshire primary. All the other candidates came in behind hs amazing tally!

As for Trump's 35 percent....he has yet to claim even close to 50 perecent of the Republicans' support.  Certainly, he's not a national candidate until he can bring in votes the way he claims to fill stadiums for his Trumponian rallies. 

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