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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

New Hampshire's Republican Chaos #FITN = RIP GOP

Here's a "Twitter style" formula, following the New Hampshire primary election.  FITN = RIP >GOP. 

New Hampshire's primary election motto goes something like this: "Iowa picks corn, but New Hampshire picks candidates".  

With the First in the Nation (FITN) primary finally over, the truth in New Hampshire's motto is now fact. Yes, New Hampshire voted for presidential candidates and Republicans are still recovering.
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New Hampshire's primary picks candidates!

On the Democratic side, nothing changed, except Senator Sanders soundly defeated Secretary Clinton, although no "nail biting" finish, like the end game in the corn picking Iowa caucuses. 

On the other hand, the Republcian side of the primary process was like a candidates roulette wheel. Senator Ted Cruz had been crowing about "winning" in Iowa with a paltry 28% of the Republican vote. Well, guess what? "Cruz to loose" can now eat crow, because in New Hampshire, the right wing extremist, who can't resolve his qualificatioins under the US Constitution to run for President because he was born in Canada, tallied 12 percent of the vote (less than half of what he claimed with the use of "dirty tricks" targeting Dr. Ben Carson, than what he "popped campagne" about in Iowa).  

Neither of the Democratic candidates lost the New Hampshire primary. Senator Sanders defeated Secretary Clinton, but it means one came in first and the other was second.  In fact, Senator Sanders won more votes than any other candidate in the FITN primary and Secretary Clinton received more votes than her second place rivals.

Republicans, of course, must now figure out what happened to their line up. Apparantly, Governor Christie, Dr. Carson and perhaps "Blinkie bottle" Senator Rubio will drop  out of the race. Surely Carly Fiorina will not only drop, but resign from politics. Obviously, Governor Christie didn't listen to Maine Writer, when advised to "watch his friends", because he campaigned around New Hampshire with the unpopular Maine Governor Paul LePage at his side like a guide dog. Governor LePage certainly didn't help Governor Christie to win any votes. Dr. Ben Carson has no political experience, he never should've run for President. Instead, Dr. Carson might've been teacher of neurosurgery, where he has demonstrated expertise. Senator Rubio was never qualified to run for President of the United States. Indeed, it's difficult to understand what amount of ego inflated his candidacy because he never did reach a "Kennedy-esque" moment, where he might've inspired lasting political loyalty. Instead, Rubio flopped in the last of the New Hampshire "line up" of candidates debates. It which was a mistep from which Rubio many never politically recover. Those who saw through the facade of youth and Cuban ancestry should give credit to Governor Christie for pointing out the ineptness of Senator Rubio so bluntly, during the New Hampshrie debate.
Image result for roulette wheel picture
Republican roulette wheel stopped on Donald Trump

As the Republican roulette wheel of candidates spun, it was evident how Donald Trump became the person where party faithful considered "placing all bets".  Giving Donald Trump his due credit, since he declared his independence from taking campaign contributions, he can decide on his own "winner friends", without the influnce of money being a major consideration- at least, as far as we know. It's possible "Trump the Chump" will become the new "decider in chief", picking and choosing his political friends.

Congratulations to Ohio's governor John Kasich for winning second place in the Republican FITN primary, but he only received 44, 595 votes.

Nevertheless, New Hampshire's primary has the Republican party in "front runner chaos". 

In fact, Senator Bernie Sanders and Secretary Clinton, together, received more votes than Donald Trump, because Republicans spread their support for 6 candidates.  

Donald Trump received a lot of votes, but not enough to win a general election. Clearly, Senator Sanders is the candidate who won the New Hampshire primary election.

Donald Trump -    99, 839 total votes

Senator Sanders - 150, 403
Secretary Clinton    94,770

Total                     245,173

Perhaps, establishment Republicans can hold their political noses while getting behind Donald Trump's potential nomination, regardless of his brash and racist comments; but his supporters won't produce enough voters to win the general election. 

Although the Republican roulette wheel stopped on Donald Trump's number, gambling on his eventual victory is as random a chance pay out as winning big in a casino.  In fact, the Republican party, the conservatives of the "Grand Old Party", have passed away with the results of the FITN primary, and their remains are in New Hampshire. Leadership of the Republican Party is now in chaos. Like the progeny of a newly deceased monarch, those left groveling after Trump may wind at the dinner table, eating crow with Ted Cruz.

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