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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Admiration for Secretary Hillary Clinton in face of Republican smears

Congraatulaations to Secretary Hillary Clinton, for standing up to the partisan critics who unsuccessfully tried to create a vortex of negativity about her qualifications to be the president of the United States.

Regardless of the outcome of the New Hampshire primary 2016, where Mrs. Clinton's election outcome will be infinitely better than any of the Republicans (who must divide their support at least 6 ways) the fact is, Mrs. Clinton is an exceptional presidential candidate- and her experience shows. Indeed, Mrs. Clinton has remaind focused and spoken intelligently throughout the turmoil created by the Republicans' in their chaotic campaigns against her and towards each other, both at the same time.
James Carville 1.jpg
James Carvelle is an American political commentator and media personality who is a prominent figure in the Democratic Party
James Carvelle, a Clinton supporter and political consultant, is quoted in Newsmax about the brouhaha created over the bogus email controversy (anyone who ever handled top secret information knows this is a stupid and invented campaign against her):

Carville: 'Patently Ludicrous' to Say Hillary's Emails a Crime

Hillary Clinton's email investigation "is in no way like a crime," former Clinton adviser James Carville said Sunday on "The Cats Roundtable" on AM 970 in New York.

Republicans are constantly looking for "something else" to smear the former secretary of state with, Carville told host John Catsimatidis.

"Now they find out [Republican secretaries of state] Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice had stuff sent to them that was later deemed classified," Carville said. "This is no way like a crime. Remember Benghazi? Remember, we had seven congressional hearings on Benghazi? They found nothing. And this is going to be nothing, too."  Still, Carville said, "It's never going to go away."

"The idea that there’s some kind of a criminality involved in here I think is patently ludicrous," he said.

Carville also compared Clinton to her Democratic presidential rival, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, saying Sanders is an idealist while Clinton is more pragmatic.

"It's emerging that there's a clear distinction between the two of them," he said. Sanders "envisions this 100 percent progressive party that is the party of some ideal where everybody gets free health insurance and free college," while what Clinton "envisions is a pragmatic party that tries to get things done, that helps people and moves at a pace toward progress."

In Maine Writer's opinion, Americans are fortunate to have Mrs. Clinton running for the office of President of the United States. Rather than criticizing her about invented situations, we should be examining her excellent qualifications, because she's definitely capable to be elected the Leader of the Free World and the first woman to occupy the Oval Office.  

None of the Republican candidates can even approach Mrs. Clinton's qualifications to be the nation's leader.  

Although New Hampshire voters will make an important contribution to the selection of the 2016 presidential nominee, the fact is, Mrs. Clinton will receive a substantial number of votes. Obviously I don't count New Hampshire ballots, but I can make a prediction that will hold up in the vote count. My prediction is this- Mrs. Clinton will receive more votes in the New Hampshire primary than Carley Fiorina (Firoina-lie-or-ina). Perhaps, her vote tally may even exceed the numbers to be cast for the bottom tier Republicans combined - likely Firona, Bush and Cruz.  

I'm honored to support Mrs. Hillary Clinton's candidacy to be President of the United States. Hats off, of course, to Senator Bernie Sanders, who breathed life into the Democratic base and ignited this 2016 primary season with his vision of a "revolution".  Nevertheless, the Republicans are afraid...very afraid...of Mrs. Clinton because she is the Democrat who has the qualifications all of them lack and, moreover, the proven stamina to win the presidential election.

Outcomes in the New Hampshire primary will not determine who will eventually become the presidential party national nominees. Yet, it's an absolute given, based on past history. that the candidate who takes second place in Newe Hampshire, is usually the one who wins the national nomination. Mrs. Clinton can only win or come in second in New Hamshire.  She has my admiration and my vote in November!

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