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Saturday, February 06, 2016

Following presidential primary negativity- Republican wooly mammoth

Two major lies are at the root of the Republican presidential primary's negativity campaign- (a) Repbulicans have been in charge of the "do nothing Congress", yet they criticize President Obama; and (b) America's economy has grown in spite of Republican obstructionism.  

Let's face it, if the Republicans didn't pay plenty to spread lies and negativity, there would be no campaigning at all. People are more or less being asked to vote for the most convincing negative candidate. Only Governor John Kasich-R of Ohio, is trying to counter the Republican negativity tsunami of commercials and stump speeches. Yet, even Kasich's positive stump speech isn't truthful about Ohio rejecting "Obamacare", when he went against his state legislature to pass the Affordable Care Act's Medicaid expansion.

Negativity among the 2016 Presidential candidates flows like volcanic lava. If Americans are to believe the Republican candidates, there hasn't been one moment during the past 7 years of the President Obama administration when our nation has been well served. Nevertheless, what Republicans fail to acknowledge is how their political party have obstructed progressive policies while being in charge of both houses of the US Congress.

Copious amounts of money is being spent for the purpose of politically taking candidates down and dismantling the President Obama administration. Being in Maine, watching the New Hampshire news coverage is difficult to watch. In fact, if all the advertisements and stump speeches are to be believed, none of the candidates should be considered qualified to be elected "leader of the free world". Even worse, if Republican candidates are believable, the nation hasn't prospered under President Obama, even though his administration saved the nation from experiencing an economic crises, parellel to the Great Depression.
Description Woolly mammoth.jpg
Republican political ads and stump speeches resonate like a reinvented "elephant" logo, ie like they are really the scary and extinct wooly mammoth.
Regardless of who among the GOP line-up eventually becomes the Republican presidential nominee 2016, the remainder of this political year will be saturated with negative campaign ads like mud left behind after a storm surge.  In my opinion, the Democrats can present voters with a clear and convincing image to establish a positive vision for America.  

Making this clear distinction between "positive" (Democrat) and "negative" (Republican), should perculate throughout all the political campaigns. Most importantly, an upbeat message should resonate at the top, with the presidential nominee.  

In fact, the Republican logo, being the elephant, should probably be the extinct "wooly mammoth"; while the Democatic logo, the donkey, should be redesigned as a triple crown winning stallion.

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