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Sunday, February 07, 2016

Hilary Clinton puts focus on Flint Water Crisis - Republican shame

Flint Michigan and the state's Republicans caused the water poison problem now causing health concerns for the city's residents, especially harming the children. This lead water problem is an example of how Republicans are ignoring their civic responsibility to improve the human condition. Moreover, rather than fix the problem with lead in Flint's drinking water, the state government is just wringing its hands.  

FEB 7 2016, 6:44 PM ET
Hillary Clinton: 'What Happened in Flint Is Immoral'

Thank goodness Hillary Clinton (and Senator Bernie Sanders) is keeping the focus on the plight of Flint citizens who are feeling powerless to get results from the Republican Governor Rick Snyder.  Mrs. Clinton is also visiting Flint, to continue the pressure on Governor Rick Snyder.

Clinton started her remarks during her Flint visit the way she often does in a house of worship, with a psalm: "This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it," she said, quoting Psalm 118:24.

Mrs. Hillary Clinton speaks in Flint Michigan on February 7th, to the people harmed by the lead poisoning in the water supplyClinton praised Mayor Weaver as "someone who is working every way she knows how to provide the help and support that all the people of Flint deserve to have."

Problems with the Flint Michigan's water was reported almost as soon as the city's municipal manager, appointed by Governor Snyder, supported an initiative to save money by changing the source of the city's water supply. In the past, Flint received it's municipal water from the Detroit resovoir. But, to save money, the municipal manager changed the source to the Flint River. That's when the trouble began over two  years ago. Now, irreversible damage has been done to children who have been drinking the lead poisoned water. If lead poisoned water had been caused by a terrorist attack, the Republicans would be demanding for political heads to roll. Unfortunately, because the decision to change the water source was made by the state's Republican administration, the issue isn't considered to be a national crisis, like it would otherwise have been.

Democrats must remind the Michigan people and the American voters about the risks of putting Republicans in charge of government. With Republicans in charge, the cost of government becomes so austere as to put the public health in danger. repots: FLINT, MI – Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton visited Flint on Feb. 7th.

The former senator and Secretary of State visited the city and she used the stop to encourage support for a federal funding proposal to help the city deal with its water crisis, according to a Clinton aide.

News of the trip comes a day after the Democratic National Committee agreed to sanction a debate between Clinton and rival Bernie Sanders in Flint for March 6.

"We should use the spotlight of the presidential campaign to keep the focus on Flint, and to lift up the historic underlying issues that Flint and too many other predominately low-income communities of color across America are struggling with every day," Clinton campaign chair John Podesta said.

Clinton previously discussed the water issue during a debate in Charleston, S.C., and penned an op-ed for MSNBC. She has also previously sent top aides to the city to meet with Flint's Mayor, Karen Weaver, who was replaced by Governor Snyder, with the municipal manager, that caused the Flint Water Crisis.

Incredulously, the Republicans' presidential candidate's debates have not mentioned the Flint Water Crisis.  Shame on them.

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