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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Democratic candidates philosphically won Iowa Caucus

Although the Iowa Caucus is the first one in the US primary process, the "caucus" does not pick a winner. Candidates are not elected in the Iowa Caucus. Rather, the caucus goers get to select "delegates", who will vote for them at the political conventions. Nevertheless, the outcome of the Iowa 2016 Caucus was a "win-win" for Democrats, who showed up to demonstrate how proud we are of our two top tier candidates, being Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders. 

Indeed, Democrats split over two highly qualified, intelligent and progresssive candidates. It was a win for Senator Sanders, who wasn't considered as a viable candidte; it was a marginal win for Secretary Hillary Clinton, whose experience in campaigning really showed strong in Iowa, and it was a win for America, because Democrats were organized to "win".

Obviously, congratulations are deserved for the excellent turn out and support for Hillary2016 and Bernie2016.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton 2016!  Shared the results of the Iowa Caucus with Senator Benie Sanders. Both candidates are Democratic supestars.

On the other hand, the Republicans should be worried about the outcome of their caucus, because the three way divide between Senator Raphael "Ted" Cruz, Donald Trump and Senator Marco Rubio, proved nothing at all. None of them were able to break 30 percent of the support. In my opinion, the Republican Iowa caucus showed a low level support for the GOP candidates.  

Rather, the GOP caucus goers showed voter ambiguity about the Republican "line up" for th 2016 presidential nomination.

Hoopla about the Iowa Caucus is now political history. It wasn't even worth the enormous amount of money spent to gain "statistically" zero, when the results are measured against who eventually wins their party's nomination.

Nevertheless, Democrats are the ones that, in an enlightened philosophical way, and emotionally, won the Iowa Caucus. 

In fact, Democratic caucus goers showed up and demonstrated solid support for intelligent candidates with progressive policies, so needed to improve the human condition for all Americans.

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