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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Politics transformed by Donald Trump - Republican in name only

Although Donald Trump "the Chump" declared himself a Republican candidate for President, the fact is, the self declared "Trumponian" is a dangerous change agent.  Donald Trump isn't a member of any party that would have him as a member (thank you Groucho Marx).
"Trumpnians" will likely follow the Groucho Marx mantra. He would never join a "party" that would have him as a member. In fact,Trumponians are Republicans in name only. For Trumponians, Republicans aren't extremist enough. Instead, Trumponians worship "Trump" politics.

Rather, Donald Trump is transforming American politics, precisely because he isn't a politician, although he wants to be one. It's like the cliche "I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV." Donald Trump isn't a politician, but he plays a Trumponian party boss on the 24/7 news media. Unfortunately, Trumponian politics means that politics of the past risks, eventually, becoming the power games of the rich and famous. Americans will be very poorly served by rich people who "wanna bee" politicians, because we can't sell elections like business mogels trade real estate properties. Politics requires sophisticated expertise in leadership. Being a politician certainly isn't like trading properties in a reality Monopoly game, like Trumponians might be led to believe.  In fact, good politicians set a tone for the future. Yet, Trumponians are simply mezmerized by the "here and now", blinded by the celebrity of their "wizardry" leader. Trumponians are smitten by their candidates wealth. He's a superficial leader, driven by ego, who knows how to  entertain audiences like he's a Saturday Night Live characicture of himself.

To use a quaint Yogi Berra cliche, Americans are at a political fork in the road. Trumponians might change the future of all politics or Americans might (hopefully) turn against the "Trumponian party". Let's hope Americans "take the right road" and turn against the Trumponian party. Let's face it, "Trump the Chump" is a reality Saturday Night Live politician, but he is definitely not a "political leader".  

American perceive "Trump the Chump" somewhere on a spectrum of euphoria, blinded by his celebrity, to being completely disgusted by his bigotry and bombastic intolerance for people he doesn't like. Regardless of how "Trump the Chump" is perceived, the fact is, Trumponians are Republicans in name only.  Unfortunately, the real Republican party (aka the "Grand Old Party") is also branded as "Trumponian". Worse, the GOP may never recover from this label, because, never again, will there be a presidential candidate with incendiary celebrity to ignite angry right wing extremism.

Unfortuantely, seasoned politicians might have to return to public policy 101, to re-learn transformational campaigning. Frankly, Trumponians have transformed the future of the political process. Celebrity will matter. Yet, "hope springs eternal". Let's pray Americans will reject Trumponians and the Grand Old Party will, somehow, wake up and learn how to be "Grand" again. 

Let's reject the Trumponian party and support politicians who respect the political process.

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