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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Mars Avatar - ready for "my close up selfie" Mars Rover

If Martian intelligent life, in fact, exists, then who or what are they observing about our scientific Mars Rover, as an Avatar - a hybrid human alien, now taking "selfie" close ups on their red planet? Little do these potential Martians know about the enviornment where humanoids live, on planet Earth.
Mars Rover is a robot Avatar, even takes a "selfie". The hybrid "human-robot" is enjoying a peaceful excursion on the red planet
Our Mars Rover is a real time Star Wars "R2D2", electronic Avatar, with a hybrid "human-robotic" personality.

We should warn Martian intelligent life about "real Earth people". Indeed, Mars Rover is probably a lot nicer than about 98 percent of the humans who occupy the planet Earth. It's an asexual (as far as we know) computer Avatar, with thought processes void of political bias.  

Perhaps, humans should be taking philosophical life lessons from the Mars Rover. Mankind might consider reinventing ourselves to be more like the curious robot that's exploring Mars because, frankly, the carefree life of a rover seems preferable to dealing with the polarizing influences now consuming our Earthly domain.  

Republicans must admit to Mars Rover being an undocumented alien to the red planet. This fact alone would give right wing Martians the incentive to throw the Mars Rover right back into space, selfies included. I suspect intelligent Martians wouldn't waste valuable resources building a wall around the Mars Rover, because it's not likely they have any currency to use, to pay for it.

Creationists can rightly claim that "Avatar" life began on 2004, on the red planet, with the arrival of the NASA Mars Rover. Therefore, the Bible fundamentalists could justifiably start their Mars Bibilical calendar, with real data, rather than by carbon dated dinosaur bones.

Mars Rover can launch a lot of scientific data, but it's impossible for it to wage a "war on women", because the Avatars can't reproduce, at least, as far as we know. Being "asexual" has it's advantages, because the Avatars are exempt from bringing forth "little Avatars", spoiled robots that could become a burden on the Mars environment. 

Although Mars Rover sends plenty of messages back to earth, the most classified of them seems to be about the chemical composition of the red soil, which is not too "damn" exciting.

Let's be honest. Mars Rover is the celebrity apprectice "star", the focal point of its own spectacular red planet. It's not Republican, Democrat, Independent, Catholic, Muslim, Libertarian or a "Saturday Night Live" skit look alike. Instead, the Mars Rover is a Trumponian!  It stands alone, taking selfies and grabbing international attention, just because it exsists.  

Unfortunately, the amazing Mars Rover can't return to earth for the purpose of running for President of the United States. At this point in the world of Republican politics, Mars Rover seems like it would be the Avatar worth voting for, if it were remotely possible for it to show up at an Iowa Caucus or New Hampshir primary election. 

Oh Wait!  Did I say, "remotely"?  Well, maybe it's time for the Mars Rover to form a campaign committee by remote control.  "It's time for my close up", Mr. Trump.  

I suppose Mars Rover would win any election over Donald Trump "the Chump", but it certainly seems like the Avatar is having too much fun being the spectacular star of his own private red planet.

If Mars Rover finds water on the red planet, there might be plenty of "political refugee humans", those who simply can't believe what is happening here on earth, who would gladly join the Avatar, to populate the red planet.  

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