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Friday, January 29, 2016

Donald Trump disdained in Great Britian now Germam Magazine says he's insane

America is at risk for becoming a reflection of Trumponian madness. "Trump cable news" is non stop media entertainment and "quasi news". But, this media circus must end!

It should be an alarming reality check, when the "MPs" in Great Britian's Parliament takes up valuable debate time to discuss whether or not presidential candiate Donald Trump should be prevented from entering their country, because of his intolerance for immigration, and, particuarly, his anti-Muslim statements. Now, it turns out, Germany's top selling magazine, Der Spiegel, is reporting Donald Trump as being insane. (I believe the German translation of "insane" is likely a horribly derogatory adjective.)
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Der Spiegel calls Donald Trump "insane", so what dos that label say about his crazy followers?
Americans who follow Trump, because they support his caustic style of presidential camapigning, should look themselves in the mirror.  Perhaps Trunpy's followers should also be banned from entering Great Britian and, likewise, be labeled "insane"?  

In fact, being called "insane" is a rather mild label in Trumponian lingo, considering the bombastic name calling Donald Trump has hurled at anybody who he doesn't happen to like- which are a lot of people. Unfortunately, too many people are likely candidates from being banned in Great Britian and might be called "insane" because they are supporting Donald Trump. 

As a result, America is at risk for electing a president who might be unable to travel to our strongest Western ally, being Great Britian. Moreover, he will be laughed at in Germany because he'll have the ludicrious label of being "insane". This is preposterous! Rather than "make American great again", Trumpy has already caused harm to our nation's image with two of our international Western allies. These negative attributes are not the qualities American wants to see in our leader of the free world.

As reported in the The Hill

Donald Trump lambasted German Chancellor Angela Merkel for her handling of the Syrian refugee crisis, and now Germany's top magazine is hitting back.  Der Spiegel, the most widely read German news weekly, features the Republican presidential front-runner on the cover of this week’s issue.

An ominous-looking graphic features Trump draped by a burning American flag and a caption calling him a rabble-rouser.

The title, “Wahnsinn: Amerikas Hetzer Donald Trump,” translates roughly to “Madness: America’s Agitator Donald Trump.”

In my opinion, being "mad" and "insane" is less serious to "Trump the Chump", than the labels Trumpy hurled on Rosie O'Donnell and pretty FOXNews broadcast journalist, Megyn Kelly. 

Maybe Trump deserves the label "lunatic", rather than mad. Even better, perhaps being banned in England isn't enough "banishment".  Consider, instead, banning Trumpy from being given millions of dollars of free media time on cable news.   

Regardless of the tsunami of negative publicity flooding "Trump the Chump's" presidential ambitions, he is still leading in the political polls.  Yet, Trumpy is clearly disdained by most people who follow politics, including the Republican establishment and now our international allies.

"Trump the Chump" is at risk of being banned from entering Great Britian and he's considered "insane" by a popular German magazine.  In my opinion, Trumpy's followers are a reflection of their preferred candidate's worst attributes.  Even worse, the negative Trumponian tone is also a misrepresentation of all Americans.  

Obviously, Americans must not let "Trump the Chump" become the Republcian presidential nominee!  He's "insane"!

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