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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Assad crimes against humanity- Syrian Refugees continue escape to Europe

American intervention in the Middle East during Operation Dessert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom contributed to the terrible instability, causing the humanitarian crises in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and beyond. 
In fact, Syrian refugees are causing a lot of stress in Jordan.

Syrian Refugees map

Nevertheless, the Republicans, whose policies led to the invasion of Iraq, are unwilling to assist the refugees who are suffering as a result of agressive American foriegn policy.

A horrific humanitarian crisis is destroying Syria and, at the same time, causing upheavel of social stability networks in Germany and throughout Europe. Nevertheless, Europeans are doing their best to respond, to the extent they can do so. Americans, not so much.

A refugee resettlement graph by nation is at this link.

Bashar al-Assad  is one evil man. He's only one man, who is at the root of the horrific humanitarian crisis in Syria. Obviiusly, Assad is guilty of crimes against humanity. The relentless persecution of his citizens is the root cause of the mass exodus of desperate refugees who are floating across the Mediterranean Sea, into Europe on dangerous inflatable boats, after they flee to Greece. 

There's no way to know how many refugees drowned. 
Moreover, the world will never know how many died in the Syrian civil war, during the carnage that's causing the exodus.

Refugees of the Syrian Civil War
More than four million refugees of the Syrian Civil War left the country during the course of the war. 

Most fled to neighboring TurkeyLebanon, Jordan,[43]and Iraq, while thousands ended up in distant countries of the Caucasus, the Persian Gulf, North Africa and Europe

As of December 2015, Turkey was the world's biggest refugee hosting country with close to 2.5 million Syrian refugees; the nation had spent more than 8 billion Euros since 2011 on direct assistance to them according to estimates by Turkish Ministry of Education deputy secretary Yusuf Büyük.

The refugee crisis began in 2011, when thousands of Syrian citizens fled across the border to neighboring Turkey and Lebanon. By early July 2011, 15,000 Syrian citizens had taken shelter in tent cities, set up in theYayladağı, Reyhanlı and Altınözü districts ofHatay Province, near Turkey's border with Syria. By the end of that month, 5,000 of the refugees had returned to Syria.[46] However, by late June 2011, the number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon had reached around 10,000 people. By mid-July 2011, the first Syrian refugees found sanctuary in Jordan, with their numbers reaching 1,500 by December. On September 21, the European Union approved a plan committing to taking in 120,000 refugees. The newly elected Liberal Government announced that it would bring 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada by the end of 2015 and fast tracked their resettlement.

Refugees are paying for false documentation to help them enter Europe. In 2015, fake Syrian passports were being used by non-Syrians in the hopes of fraudulently gaining legal residency in Europe. According to the European Union border agency, Frontex, trafficking in fake Syrian passports increased. In September 2015 German customs officers seized packages containing Syrian passports which police suspect were being sold illegally to those hoping to gain entry to the country

Unfortunately, tragically, America has not agreed to accept the numbers of refugees we should be receiving. Although President Barack Obama is opening up immigrations to the Syrians, the Republicans are resistant to increasing their numbers. 

I'd like to apologize to Syrians and the European nations that are responsibly accepting refugees who are desperately fleeing their homes, one of the consequences of America's agressive foriegn policy and Assad's  persecution. 

If it were possible to turn back the clock, to prevent our invasion of Iraq, I'd join millions of Americans and do it.

Of course, the probability of time travel to the past is an impossibility. Therefore, all I can do now is to apoligize and sincrely pray for Middle East peace. Yes, and to support bringing more Syrian refugees into the US.

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