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Friday, January 22, 2016

Bernie Sanders - Hillary Clinton - Martin O'Malley - Democrats to be proud of

Cable news networks along with the main stream media are contributing to anxiety about the probability of Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary elections outcomes. Regardless of each candidates strengths, it's the Democratic candidates who are a trio of excellent choices. Compared to the line up of chaotic Republicans, the three Democrats- Senator Bernie Sanders, Secretary Hillary Clinton and Govenror Martin O'Malley perform like a triumverate of awesome political fireworks clusters, while their GOP rivals are like the "duds".

Although Democratic primary caucus goers in Iowa and primary voters in New Hampshire are justifiably challenged to select only one from the cluster. In fact, the Democratic choice is really tough. Each Democratic candidate is a brilliant burst of energy!

In some ways, it's unfortunate to be in a position of only being able to select one from the political Democratic trilogy.

On the other hand, the Republicans are in a negative position of having to eliminate all but one in their dismal line up list.

My political wish is to see Senator Sanders, Secretary Clinton and Governor O'Malley become political allies who will work together to provide progressive leadership for America.  Only one of them can win the 2016 nomination to be President, but the three of them can work together, regardless of which one of them is eventually nominated. At this point in our history when it seems like every news cycle is reporting stories about fear, economic anxiety and violence, the American voters need the sparkle and "awwwwwww" effect of a patriotic fireworks display. Thankfully, Senator Bernie Sanders, Secretary Hillary Clinton and Governor Martin O'Malley are the red white and blue we universally smile up at when their fireworks light up their faces on televised debates.

Democrats must unify behind all the party's candidates who are running for political offices and blot out the duds who are lining up like lemmings behind the negative Republicans.

Americans must thank the trilogy of 2016 Democratic presidential candidates and reward them by voting! Whatever the eventual outcome, the leadership result will be a net positive for America.

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