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Monday, December 21, 2015

Republicans and anti-science: count the ways

Let's do a summary of the Republicans' war with science.  
Republicans don't believe many scientifically proven facts
It's sad to write this particular blog because science denial defys my understanding. Nevertheless, it's time to list some of the Republican "anti-science" in one succinct narrative. If we don't keep tabs on anti-science, the ridiculous cacophony of invented truths will drown out those who expect rational arguments to speak truth to resistant Republicans.

It's impossible to explain why Republicans have made an ideologial decision to politicize science. Their negative reaction to emperical data, in either support of or to debunk scientific theories and facts, like "global warming", are counter intuitive. Honestly, the purpose of the "scientific process" is to prove, and even replicate sources of information, for the purpose of eliminating bias, or "politics" during the creation of theories and validating facts.

Nevertheless, Republicans have challenged even the most basic scientific theories. For example:

1.  Creationsim - American Republicans are the only people in the world who support the preposterous fantasy that the world was created in seven days, as described in a story told in the Old Testament book of Genesis. In fact, scientists including archeologists and astrophyisists laugh at Creationists. Unfortunately, these fundamentalist concrete thinkers are serious about creationism. In fact, Creationists aren't laughing, at all, about their unproven theory describing how the earth was created. Indeed, Creationists do not believe in the science of astronomy or geology.

2.  Gun-violence and public health- American Republicans do not believe guns are the cause of gun-violence. In fact, they even deny that gun-violence is a public health danger, although scientifically collected data documents 12, 574 Americans were killed in 2014 by guns.  Republicans believe the morbidities caused by gun-violence are caused by perverted people; but absolutely refuse to believe that the root cause of the deaths are guns.  In fact, Republicans deny the emperical data that directly correlates the number of guns available to people with the death of 12,574 Americans, in just one year. If influenza were the cause of thousands of deaths, the Republicans would be demanding quarantine of the people with the virus. On the other hand, Republicans don't see guns as being analguous to deadly germs.

3.  Global warming and climate change -  Republicans believe climate change is just a routine meteorological event. In other words, in spite of the rapid rise in the earth's temperature, related to human activities, they refuse to believe the dangerous impact of the warming earth. In fact, global warming could end life as we know it because people can't live in air we can't breath or in heat we're unable to tolerate, plus the myriad of other and unforseen consequences. Republicans simply deny "global warming"....period. Unbelievably, no rational discussion or emperical data will change their minds. Meanwhile, the world famous writer Ernest Hemingway would be challenged to write "The Snows of Mount Kilimanjaro" today, because there's just so little of it left to inspire creative prose. In other words, the snows have melted.  

There are other anti-science nonsense theories harbored by Republcians, but each one is incredulous. For example, consider the anti-science about womens' health and conception. In fact, although some Republican believe that women have a mysterious ability to prevent the fertilizaton of an egg. There's no way a woman can will away the fertilizaton of an egg during ovulation, except if she happens to be taking birth control pills. In fact, women can, unfotunately, become pregnant as a result of rape.  

It's time for Americans to fire the anti-science Republican party. Instead, it's time to form another political party, one where emperical scientific data are accepted and public policy responds appropriately to facts.

Anti-science is as regressive as saying the earth is flat. Republicans must keep pace with scientific data rather than deny its impact. Otherwise, Americans will wind up behind progressive nations like India, and China, that know, by their own populatons' oral histories, that the earth was absolutely created many millions of years ago.  

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