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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Where's the hope? Republicans stoke politics of fear

Remember the nostalgic political President Reagan days?  Back in those days, politicans talked about "Morning in America".  

In fact, "Morning in America" was the name of a political campaign television commercial, viewed during the 1984 U.S. presidential campaign of Republican Party candidate (elected) Ronald Reagan. It featured images of Americans going to work and a calm, optimistic narration that suggested improvements to the U.S. economy

Sadly, times have changed! Now, fear is the prevailing political emotion..

So, what would President Reagan do, today? In my opinion, although the late 40th President isn't here to defend himself, I suspect he'd revet to  beoming a Democrat  (as he was before he became Republican)! In my opinion, President Reagan would get the Republicans out of the ugly quaqmire they've sunk into as a result of being unable to create a salient political message of hope and optimism. As a result of a lack of inspiring political leadership, a scary number of voters are falling victims to the politics of fear. 

Presidential candidate Donald Trump (a.k.a. "Trump the Chump") has raised fear to a hypnotic political emotion. Trump's ability to take all the media oxygen out of the news has exacerbated fear and, or course, he's hypnotizing the media, too.  Trump "the Chump" created fear of Mexicans (he said "they're rapists!"), against immigrants (he'll build a wall to prevent them from entering the USA), against the disabled, against women who menstruate and, now, he's even politicized certain Yiddish language profane words. There's not much left for "Trump the Chump" to be against; but whatever's still out there, he's against it.

In contast to Republican fear stoking, the Democrats are advancing progressive ideas. In other words, Democrats are clearly contrasting the Republicans' doom and gloom with uplifting and inspiring, for example, health care for all (universal health care) and financial retirement security by protecting Social Security and loan relief for student debt.

Democrats are promoting a civil discourse in their "debates", especially when compared to the Republican right wing extremism. At the December 19th, Democratic candidates debate in Las Vegas, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Martin O'Malley conducted a discussion, in contrast to their rivals' Republican insult debacle.

David Remmick reports in October 26, 2015, The New Yorker, how history may look back on the Las Vegas debate as the event that elevated Mrs. Hillary Clinton to the Democratic nomination for the 2016, presidential campaign. One debate will not erase what many voters see as some linering perceptions about Mrs. Clinton's detractions, like her lawyerly slipperiness under questioning, the walled garden of her political circle and other characterizatios created by political cartoonists. Yet, Mrs. Clinton's debate achievement accentuated the salient politcal problem in the 2016 campaign. In other words, she attacked her chief rivals, who aren't her party competitors. Instead, she looked beyond Senator Sanders and Governor O'Malley, but attacked the Republicans. 

Indeed, even if there may have been some flaws in Mrs. Clinton's debate appearence, she did succeed in accentuating the chaos and the "intellectual barreness and general collapse of their rivals in the Republcian Party," wrote Remmick.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump will say anything racist, or anything "funny", to terrify voters or rile them, or amuse them, depending on the moment.  

In political terms, Democrats must sense the Las Vegas debate events with confidence. In the debate, Mrs. Clinton was clear about who her enemies are - and they're "the Republcians". 
Nevertheless, in spite  of Republicans' political fear stoking, the reports about the death of the radical right are premature.  

In 2016, unfortunately, the G.O.P. are still likely to hold a majority in the House of Represenaties. In other word, political obstructionism will continue, in spite of the Democratic will to create optimism, or as the Republican Reagan would say, "Morning in America".  

Sadly, it sure looks like the political war will continue, because, within the G.O.P., the politics of perpetual fear will go on corroding, not just a political party, but our nation.

America needs a candidate who inspires hope. Let's create a landslide victory for Mrs. Hillary Clinton, in the 2016 presidential election!

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