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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Donald Trump is a vulgar opportunist - Mrs. Clinton will rise above this

Let's not let anybody "bully their way into the presidency", said Mrs. Hillary Clinton. Thank you Mrs. Clinton.

Mrs. Hillary Clinton is qualified to be the first woman US President and leader of the free world
I'm completely fed up with Donald "Trump the Chump" as a presidential candidate or anything else for which he believes he's qualified. Clearly, Trump is an egotistical bully. Unfortunatley, as a resident of Maine, I've seen the state's governor elected twice, despite his bullying of legislators and public officials. Therefore, and most unfortunately, I've seen how a bully like "Trump the Chump" can, sadly, be electable.  

In all honestly, I never liked "Trump the Chump" when he was a boisterously rich television personality. "You're fired!" was his caustic slogan and trademark.  

"Trump the Chump" is still amazingly rich, but no more likekable than when he bullied his way on television. Trump's bullying behavior is politically scary. Frankly, if  "Trump the Chump" should ever (God forbid) be elected as our nation's chief executive, the result would be to experience four years of political drama. Every single day would be consumed by acrimony between the press and the Congress. As a result, American public policy would regress and the American dream would go into cardiac arrest. 

Indeed, it's possible that upwardly mobile people would hide, rather than be exposed to the toxicity of "Trump the Chump's" Wizard of Oz style of smoke and mirrors leadership.

Let's face it, "Trump the Chump" has zero politically affluent friends, as far as I know. 

Instead, "Trump the Chump's" political friends are people who wrongly believe his political outrageousness is, somehow, refreshing. Yet, "Trump the Chump" hasn't done anything to politically improve the human condition! For example, has he visited a ghetto or spoken with victims of domestic violence? 

Sure, Trump's corporate empire pays a lot of worker-bees people's salaries, but he can't employ the entire US population to make them compliant with his Chief Executive Officer style of bullying.

Certainly, I'd vote for removing "Trump the Chump" from the unqulaified line-up of presidential candidates who are aspiring to become the leader of the free world. 

In fact, "Trump the Chump" has disqualfied himself, because of his horrifically unprofessional and caustic personality. "Trump the Chump" is especially unjust by pontificating his disgustingly denegrating attacks on Secretary Hillary Clinton. 

In the past, Trump the Chump has denegrated entire social groups like hard working Mexicans, immigrants, Muslims, the disabled and his political adversaries. Now, he's trying to eviscerate Mrs. Hillary Clinton.  

Obviously, "Trump the Chump" doesn't care about the money costs of his media time. Unfortulately, to the ire of his opponents, "Trump the Chump" gets all the free time he wants by just calling in to any news show he feels like dialing up on his cell phone. If he was paying for his media time, Trump the Chump would never waste precious "sound bites" expensive minutes by denegrating Mrs. Clinton's bathroom break during the December 19th, Democratic candidates debates. Anybody else in the workplace would be fired if they'd reacted to a bathroom break like "Trump the Chump" did during Mrs. Clinton's off stage time during the Democratic debate. 

Trump the Chump wasn't even remotely involved in the debate, yet he created a disgusting bully campaign against Mrs. Clinton's time away from her podium. Why she was away from the podium was none of "Trump the Chump's" business, but he made a disgusting display of her assumed biological call to the rest room. If the same incident occured in the workplace, the result would, undoubtedly, be a human resources complaint based on workplace harassment.

Regardless of how people perceive Mrs. Clinton's political ambitions, her stature as a highly respected professional woman is unquestionable. She certainly doesn't deserve "Trump the Chump's" disgraceful personal attacks. Indeed, "Trump the Chump" must be reminded that Mrs. Clinton is the First Lady of the World! Although "Trump the Chump" may not agree with Mrs. Clinton's world class status, he needs to be brutally reminded about how exaulted she is based on her experience and leadership positions. In other words, "Trump the Chump"...."just get over it"and begin responding to Mrs. Clinton as a worthy political adversary rather than as one of your top of mind rants.

Let's face it, "Trump the Chump" doesn't promote policies to support the greater good. He's a braggart.

Insetad, "Trump the Chump" is a boisterously unqualified politician with a super ego, as big as a blimp. God forbid, "Trump the Chump" is elected to the executive office he's running for, the result would be to see his ego blow up like a Macy's mega parade balloon and vulnerable to an unforseen punctures.  

Nevetheless, Mrs. Clinton will rise above "Trump the Chump's" horrifying insults. She'll be our nation's first female president because she's already the First Lady of the World. Therefore, Mrs.Clinton's response to "Trump the Chump" must first represent our nation with the stature of a statesman and rise above the pomposity of an evil faced Trumponian circus clown.

Let's not allow a braggart, bully and circus balloon politician with Trumponian ambitions to be elected to the American presidency.

Go Hillary Clinton 2016! She's the stateswoman who's qualified to be the leader of the free world. She will rise above Trumponian bullying.

Mrs. Clinton must be elected the first woman president of the United States and Trump's denegrating vulgarity must be dumped. Women deserve and must elect a qualified leader of the free world.

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