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Sunday, November 08, 2015

Metrojet tragedy raises ISIS danger zone

It's a given that evil ISIS - the "Islamic State" (which is no state except a "state of fear") has intentions of taking over the world for particularly henious reasons. Taking airliners out of the sky is the nefarious intentioned group's most effective terrorism weapon.
  Evil ISIS is expanding it's barbaric danger zone

Now, Russia has received the ultimate ISIS danger warning with the probable bomb attack on a passenger airliner flying over the Egyptian Sinai . Yahoo News reports, "No matter what caused the fatal crash of a Russian airliner in Egypt, the answer will almost certainly hit Russia hard."

Although Russia's President Putin seems nonplused by the downing of the innocent Malaysian jet shot down over the Ukraine, the destruction of the Metrojet lands right on Putin's lap.

Russians may respond to the probable airliner attack by calling for a check on Vladimir Putin's unmitigated leadership and a challenge to his Syrian military intervention. Obviously, evil ISIS made the effort to attack the Russian Metrojet because they had the chance to sabbotatge in retaliation for the intervention in Syria.

In fact, the Russian reponse in Syria is doing more to protect the dictator President Assad than to remove evil ISIS. As a matter of fact, Putin would love to be the leader who destroyed ISIS in Syria but the end result would be an expansion of Russia's influence in the Middle East. 

Metrojet's tragic end is a warning from evil ISIS to the entire world. This terrorism network is clearly not impacted by the carnage the barbaric followers create.  They are immune to intellectual enlightenment, humanitarian values or diplomatic negotiations. Their motivation is fueled by raising the bar on terrorism. By bringing down the Metrojet with an on board explosive device, as evil ISIS claims to have done, they have proven how their network of followers are lurking nearly anywhere and perhaps everywhere. 

Consequently, the Metrojet disaster has proven on thing to the world. That is, current strategies to destroy the evil ISIS movement and the terrorism momentum are just not working.

In past blogs, I stated my uninformed instincts to call for destroying the evil ISIS leadership. Well, that has happened.  Airsrikes and drone attacks have removed many ISIS leaders. Nevertheless, the poisinious snake, obviously, has several rengenerative heads. 

Additonally, attempts have been made to destroy the revenue evil ISIS obtained from selling oil. Now, evil ISIS, instead, is illegally retailing valuable ancient cultural treasures.  

Metrojet is a tragic sea turn on ISIS offensive strategies.  

Clearly, nothing is stopping these barbarians from achieving their horrifically ambitious goals to terrorize the world.  

Universal and collective strategies haven't penetrated the root cause of the evil ISIS growth and its ability to attract suicidal followers.  

As a result, the next level of strategies must involve something the world has been hesitant to address or to discredit.  

There's an overt zealous philosophical attraction to ISIS. Therefore, to dismantle the terrorism network will involve vilification of its destructive motivation. In other words, the innocents of the world must somehow motivate the Muslims of the world to remove evil ISIS off the face of the earth. 

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