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Thursday, November 05, 2015

Dr. Ben Carson must explain his weird beliefs

People who believe Dr. Ben Carson is somehow qualified to be President of the United States and therefore "leader of the free world" probably, also, think the concept of "snake oil" is a therapeutic cure for prostate cancer.  

Snake Oil - Dr. Ben Carson thinks Mannatech cured his cancer!

Incredulously, Dr. Ben Carson believes taking Mannatech products cured his prostate cancer. Therefore, it must have curative ingredients. Right? In fact, the Mannatech products Dr. Carson supports using includes ingredients referred to in pharmaceutical language as "plant sugar", in other words, "sugar pills".  

Here are the strange issues the voter must ask about Dr. Carson, who wants to be elected President of the United States:

1.  How did the Mannatech products cure his prostate cancer, when the ingredients have no therapeutic medicinal value?  

2.  Explain how going to prison for committing a crime creates homosexuals?

3.  How does a physician, who is a neurosurgeon, explain his beleif about the Egyptian pyramids being used for "grain storage"???

CNN reports how Dr. Carson is adding to his list of mystifying beliefs. As a physician, Dr. Carson studied medical science. His academic degrees certainly didn't include studies in archeology, criminal justice or pharmaceutical oncology.  In other words, Dr. Carson's medical degree does not qualify him to be an archeologist, a criminal justice expert or an oncologist.  

Certainly, Carson's education and experience disqualifies him from applying to be a politician, because he never ran for any political office whereby people were asked to vote for him. It's obvious he never took a political science class.

America certainly doesn't need a concrete thinker who engages in fanciful thinking, like Dr. Ben Carson, as our nation's next president. What American needs is inspiring leadership rather than fanciful thinking.

Instead, the leader of the free world must be a political thinker who can respond to complicated issues quickly, without causing controversy with every verbalized concept.

At the next Republican "debate", the moderators, or whatever the media names the "questioners", have an obligation to ask Dr. Ben Carson to explain his weird beliefs, because they are difficult to understand. Ask Carson to explain his belief about the Egyptian pyramids as places where grain was stored? How it is the Egyptians stored grain in their magnificent pyramids, when archeologists have found mummies inside the complicated labyrinths?  

Also, does Dr. Carson believe the earth was created in 7 days, as other Creationists?

Dr. Carson is clearly unqualified to be President of the United States. Rather he's better off going back to college to study anthropology and pharmaceutical science, with major in 'political science '.

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