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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Young British Royals thankfully rise against cyberbullying

Britian's young royals led by Prince William, and Princess Kate and their growing family are being noticed as much for their moral as well as their regal leadership. In my opinion, the young Royals including Prince Harry, are delightfully fresh humanitarians. In other words, they take their jobs as royal leaders seriously and we thank them for their dedicaiton to charitable causes. Moreover, they're current in their progressive thinking, as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are now tackling cyber bullying. And bully good for them!  

Variety Reports
Prince William, Kate Middleton to Meet Twitter and Facebook About Cyberbullying

Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton

Prince William and Princess Kate are looking ahead to the cyber world their children are growing up in and they're saying, "enough!" with the cyber bullying. Surely, the darling toddler Prince George will be the first to notice when his name and image are inevitably among the millions of views, whereby his child's ego could be either overinflated or badly bruised by thoughtless cyber stalkers and bullies. Unfortunately, everyone who is "on line", in any way, is subject to cyber bullies who delight in cruising around the Internet, just looking to cause trouble. Nefarious groups are especially adept at using the Internet to prowl on vulnerable people.

When it comes to being the victim of cyber bullying, believe me, I speak from experience. Notable among the vitriolic messages I receive are from proponents of the National Rifle Association (NRA) Second Amendment zealots, who take a proverbial "cyber torch" to me, everytime I comment on gun regulations.  

Fortunately, I haven't let the cyber bullies get the better of me; but there's a risk associated with exposure to these on line fiends. One never knows if their motivation goes beyond the anonimity provided by the social networks. 

Indeed, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge must shudder at the thought of the risks their family could be exposed to, unless something is done to prevent their children from exposure to cyberbulling.  

Fortuantely, I've learned the art of "blocking" and "unfriending". Obviously, the developing psyche of a child isn't so thick-skinned. 

Frankly, it takes a lot of courage to fight cyber bullies because, often, their tactics are subtle and can be cunning. For the most part, however, the overt bullies despise being "blocked" or "unfriended", because doing this deflates their malicious intentions faster than a pin in a helium baloon.  

Britian's Young Royals set a lovely moral tone for the world to admire. They are bright, happy, dutifully religious and charitable. When Prince William and Princess Kate advocate against cyber bullying, they will improve the quality of life for unknown thousands of people who fall victim to on-line abuse.

Awareness about how to prevent cyber bulling could even save the lives of people who may experience professional and personal harm from social networking slander. Indeed, incidents of suicide and even homocide have been motivated by preventable cyber bullying. After all, there's enough insecurity and inequities in the world, without adding the personal damage caused by cyber bullying.

As the First Family of the World, the British Young Royals are addressing a vitally important humanitarian issue by raising awareness to fight cyber bullying.  Let's pray they succeed.

A twitter "handle" for this issue is @stopwebbullying

Let's help the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge put an end to cyberbullying. "Bully!" for William and Kate!

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