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Monday, November 02, 2015

Republicans can't answer debate questons they are incapble of leading the free world

Americans are tired of of the Republican's circus.  

Frankly, we're increasingly sickened by the line up of clown car Republican candiates who want to win the 2016 nomination to be president of the United States. We've been exposed to insults, intimidation of our friendly and hard working immigrant populations and heard about the preposterous claim from Dr. Carson about how snake oil cured his prostrate cancer, plus other outragious stuff. 

Nevertheless, there hasn't been even one inspiring idea between the band of wanna-bee presidential candidates. As a matter of fact, during the third GOP debate, the only information we learned was that Dr. Carson endosed products supported by Mannatech, a snake oil marketing firm that endorses sugar pills.

GOP debate moderators Carl Quintanilla (from left), Becky Quick and John Harwood appear during the CNBC Republican presidential debate Wednesday night

In other words, there's virtually no leadership among the GOP line up. They simply don't know what they're doing. It's like the GOP candidates are thriving on personal put downs and can't rise to defend anything other than their own egos.  

As President Obama noted, the GOP candidates like to pontificate about comparing themselves with world leaders who can negotiate with President Putin of Russia, but they can't even answer simple question from TV debate moderators!  

The candidates deflected quesitons into attacks on each other; they spewed stump speeches rather than ideas and dumped on the debate moderators.  Moreover, now they've even taken their stupidity into a closed door meeting where they decided on a debate format only they find appropriate. But wait!  Not even the closed door meeting solved anything. Now, it turned out,what was agreed to behind closed doors has now been "unagreed" to. 

This isn't funny anymore, although it never was, even though we've laughed about all of them.   

Do American voters realize how these stupid line up of Republican wanna bees will govern our nation like they behave at the debates?
Their chaos will create disaster for our nation and make us the lauging stock of the world.  President Putin of Russia should already be laughing his ass off.  (Putin must be saying, in Russian of course, "Those jokers are going to negotiate with me? You're surely not serious hahahahah!)

Instead of fighting with each other and with debate moderators, the GOP candidates must find a leader. Right now, their collective egos could provide enough energy to sail a blimp to the moon but their leadership skills are as tragic as the Titanic.  In the absence of a leader, the GOP will continue their political food fight into the National Convention next summer, where supporters and detractors will act out their negative differences all the way to election day.  

Meanwhile, Mrs. Hillary Clinton has shown enormous leadership. Her experience has shown how to manage crises. Even the relentless journalist Kristen Welker can't find anything else to ask Mrs. Clinton. Welker has been hounding Mrs Clinton with negative questions, now there just aren't any more left for her to ask.  

Unfortunately, the Republican party's chaos has driven the party faithful into devotional corners of support for their preferred candidates. Consequently, Americans aren't likely to see a Republican leader emerge until somebody with the authority of a referee declares the cast of loosers down for the count.  

As they line up now, however, none of them are qualified to be elected the leader of the free world.

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