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Sunday, November 01, 2015

Ted Cruz might want to hire Mary Matalin as campaign strategist - they can both "Cruz to loose"

Republican friend of the Bush family, pundit Mary Matalin, is now predicting Ted Cruz will be the Republican 2016 presidential nominee.  Meanwhile, Matalin has abandoned her loyalty to the Bush family.  Hello? This is the proverbial cliche, "With a friend like Matalin, who needs enemies?"

Mary Matalin is a Republican strategist who claims to be a friend of the nice Bush family.  She's acting like she wants a job with "Cruz to loose".

In an interview with The Hill, Matalin said, “My money right now is on Ted Cruz.  Again, I’m unaligned, but I think he speaks to the myriad factions of conservatism: Constitutionalists, Libertarians, the social conservatives.”

Moreover, “I think he’s whip-smart, as evidenced by his debate appearances, and he’s a true, true, true constitutionalist, and everything’s lining up for him,” she added.

Oh paaaleeze Matalin!  You are nooooo  friend to the popular Bush family when you abandom them to give interviews, like you did to The Hill.  Shame on you. The Bush family deserves better from a friend.

If I were a friend of the Bush family who was asked to speak to The Hill, my approach would be to discuss the electability of Jeb Bush compared to the unelectability of "Cruz to loose".  In fact, the right wing Republican Texas Senator Cruz  believes in the anti science of creationism, he was born in Canada but is anti immigration, he wants America to revert to the economics of the archiac gold standard and he calls his democratically elected Senatorial colleagues a "cartel". There are entirely too many idiotic inconsistencies in the Cruz to loose campaign.  His theories about nearly everything are backwards. How can he claim to create jobs but then advocate for a return to the Gold Standard?  

Clearly, "Cruz to loose" has no idea how macro-economics works. In fact, the Cruz support for the gold standard shows a lack of confidence in the very strong US dollar.   

Matalin might be looking for a job as campaign manager for Cruz to loose.  Perfect for her.  She can echo all the policies her friends in the Bush family find objectionable.  Bush is in favor of a path to citizenship for immigrants and it would be very difficult for their industrial defense contrating friends to make fortunes if the government based payment on the value of gold. Moreover, the Bush family are not creationists because they know better.

It seems to me Matalin would like to consider all of the above policies as being somehow good for America. Both Matalin and Cruz are echoing an unenlightened vision for America.. Conservatives who believe in the Gold Standard know this policy will cause hording, and only a few people will be able to own wealth.  It's a horrible economic policy.  

I certainly wouldn't want to call Mary Matalin my friend, if she tells the media that "Cruz to loose" will be the Republican presidential nominee.  Rather than build up the campaign of the right wing extremist Cruz, she should hold her friend Jeb Bush up to the light and show how he is the electible candidate.  

Mary Matalin, a person like you can't be trusted to be a friend.

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