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Thursday, November 05, 2015

Marco Rubio flops again - at a Catholic college he "uninspires"

Remember when Marco Rubio upstaged his own national televiion debut, by depending on a water bottle for support? He literally squelched his public persona at a rare moment when he could've looked presidential.  

Well, as Ronald Reagon would say, "There he goes again".

Senator Marco Rubio R-Fla on Feb 12, 2013
Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., takes a sip in the middle of his GOP response to President Obama's 2013 State of the Union address.

This time, Senator Rubio had the opportunity to raise his public persona by answering a rather plebian quesiton about who he'd most like to have a beer with?  Speaking at the Roman Catholic Saint Anselm College in Manchester NH, Rubio brought up the nice name of Malala Yousafzaiwho is the Nobel Peace Prize winning underage Muslim who also happens to be a political socialist.  In other words, Senator Rubio has no idea who Malala really is, except she's a prominent woman leader in the news.  

Perhaps, Rubio thought Malala to be somewhat safe, but given he was speaking at a Roman Cahtolic College, perhaps he'd have been better equipped to respond with the name of Pope Francis.  

If Rubio was reaching for the name of a woman, how about Sister Simone Campbell, the foundress of "Nuns on the Bus" and other public policy initiatives?  

ALTERNET blogging site says, "What's next for Rubio? Does he want to share a ham sandwich with (Isreal's) Netanyahu?"

Clearly, Senator Marco Rubio needs a break-out "Kennedy-esque" moment. Nevertheless, other than the numerous plugs he makes for his book signing tour, the Florida senator has come up short everytime he's asked to do something - anything- inspiring.  

Rather than "inspire", Rubio looses the moment and, instead, he "un-inspires" by flubbing up.  

In fact, Rubio's "blinky bottle" television moment was inexcusable, because he should've been better rehearsed and, therefore, able to withstand the urge to hydrate for the few minutes he was speaking. His poor performance showed lack of preparedness. 

Likewise, Rubio's stupid response to the "who he'd have a beer with" shows how little the man knows about whatever he's talking about (except, of course, for his book).

Transcending the uninspired moments in Rubio's flat lining political gaffs, I wonder why the Senator didn't turn the question on the questioner, at Saint Anslems, by asking, "So, are you a CNBC staff person?" (referring to the journalists who received undue criticism in the GOP failed "debate").  It seems like plebian quesitons are part of what candidates have to deal with; therefore, they must learn to capture the moments with them.  

Honestly, I suspect President Kennedy would've seized the Saint Anselm's moment, while Rubio's response, clearly flopped.

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