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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Republicans 2016 candidates can't formulate a message- except for John Kasich

Applause to the CNBC moderators who obviously rehersed trying to keep the mob of GOP debate candidates on October 27th, accountable for providing answers to questions. (I especially applaud Rebecca Quick.)

Only John Kasich's answers provided a glimpse of hope for America's future. Some said they were looking hopefully to America's future, but they wasted most of their debate time tearing down policies of the past. In other words, no new ideas.

John Kasich R-Ohio

Unfortunately, the candidates came prepared with stump speeches. Therefore, their answers were evasive. When the candidates became particularly stressed, they turned their anger on the media. 

Marco Rubio has no credibility. He wasted his own money while getting paid as a US Senator; but he can't even show up to vote for his Florida constituionets. The Sun Sentinel is even calling for his resignation! Unfortunately, even with this disclosure, Governor Jeb Bush was unable to use the issue to his debate advantage. Sadly, Jeb Bush is like a "no show" in this GOP debate.

Dr. Ben Carson was exposed as a man who didn't know his name and face were being associated with snake oil supplements. Moreover, Dr. Carson can't defend the outrageous rise in big pharmaceutical cost gouging.  Carson needs to go back to school and get a degree in public policy, rather than misrepresent his "political" resume, when he has no political experience.

So, here are my take aways from this GOP chaotic debate:

1.  Republicans, who hate Social Security, now say they're all about saving it? 

2.  Dr. Carson will cut government by 40 percent without any evidence whatsoever about how this will stimulate the nation's economy.

3.  Carley Fiorina lives in a fantasy world. Somehow, she thinks she's qualified to be the leader of the free world and the first female President of the United States; but she can't even explain how or why she was fired as the CEO of Hewlett Packard. She simply can't formulate a response to that very problematic fact.

4.  Governor John Kasich makes good sense! He's the only candidate who can articulate a message that seems to solve problems without creating fear among the electorate! Also, Governor Kasich has proven political leadership experience!

5.  And "taaadaaa" my final take away is this. (There are days when I actually become nostalgic for Governor Romney!). Republicans must remove their support from non-qualified candidates. This current band of wanna-bees are an embarrasment.  Take another look at Governor John Kasich.

Although I applaud Governor Kasich's debate responses for being message driven, focused and, therefore, understandable, he still doesn't have the stature of Secretary Hillary Clinton.  Nevertheless, the contrast between Secretary Clinton and Governor Kasich would provide an issues driven 2016 presdential campaign.

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