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Friday, September 25, 2015

Massive outpouring of love for Pope Francis is startling

Although Pope Francis said he didn't intend to bring a political message with him to his American visit, there's no doubt about the impact he has had on the salient issues of our day. 

Pope Francis has educated people about our responsibility to protect our home on earth from deterioration and to care for people, regardless of who they are or where they come from.

Pope Francis lays a white rose at Ground Zero in New York City

And.....taaadaaa.....politicans must realize how people listened. They can't help but pay attention to the spiritual renewal Pope Francis is raising in America....among ordinary people who "get" the message of hope, dreams and love.  

Pope addresses 20,000 at Madison Square Garden!

Let's dare cynical politicians to deny the momentum created by Pope Francis, during his extraordinary US visit.  

Americans are thirsty for the message Pope Francis is delivering, but politicians are slow to open their eyes and ears. 

Does this sound familiar..?  Seems like there were politicians in the time Jesus lived on earth who had the same response to the messages in the Gospel.  People "got it" at the time when Jesus spoke, but politicians did not.  

Yet, 2000 years later, the politicians are all dead and the message Jesus preached lives on.

As former Governor Jennifer Granholm of Michigan, a Democrat and Roman Catholic, said, "I hope the Pope's messages (of inclusiveness and helping the poor) transcends politics."

Pope Francis brought a message of hope and love to America. In response, the population came to see him, by the untold tens of thousands. They are reciprocating his love in brilliant numbers.  

It's evident that America has flooded Pope Francis with love like they were finally finding a reservoir for pent up spiritual desire.

Surely, all politicians have been jolted by the outpouring of the American response to Pope Francis and our embrace of his enlightened messages, filled with hope and love. It really doesn't matter if politicians are left, right or center. Pope Francis has startled everyone with his spiritual charisma.

Obviously, many politicians are mystified, as is the cynical press, about how Pope Francis has galvanized so many thousands of people at a time when Americans are entrenched in zealous and destructive partisanship. It's probably safe to say, there are some right wing zealots who are waiting for the Pope to leave so they can resume negative politics and regressive public policies, as ususal.  These wrong minded right wing T-party zealots don't care about the Pope's message. These "stupid party" elected Republican officials want to take over government so they can destroy our right to petition government in support of the common good.

(Just a point of information, I'm wondering how Pope Francis would be received in Russia? I dare the Czar Despot Dictator Vladimir Putin to invite Pope Francis to visit Moscow. Not funny, but worth wondering about.)

God Bless Pope Francis. He asked all of us to pray for him. 

It's a humbling experience to pray for a Pope. Yet, if prayers fuel the Pope's passion to help the poor, underprivileged and marginalized, then we must respond to his request. 

Indeed, Americans apparently need Pope Francis and his hopeful messages, as much as the Pontiff appears to desire our prayers, on his behalf. 

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