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Monday, September 21, 2015

Republicans musical chairs 2016

Republican debates or "stand up stump speeches" have yet to prove any of the candidates are qualified to be elected in 2016 to become President of the United States. Nevertheless, a nominee must be selected and maybe it's going to be the one who survives a musical chairs style of decision.

So here are the opt outs and names most at risk of loosing a chair at the "sit down" political game signal.

Governor Rick Perry of Texas- he never found any suitable chair because his political performance in 2011 made him an easy pick off.

Governor Scott Walker of Minnesota- seems like he's tanking faster than a ship lost in Minnesota's 10,000 lakes.

Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana - as the "namer" of the GOP "stupid party", he never dissociated himself from the label he created.

Governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas - he's a Creationist, doesn't believe in global warming, supported the Kentucky town clerk who wanted to break the law by not issuing same sex marriage licenses and he's made up very strange analogies about the Holocaust.  Obviously, Huckabee-wannabee is a concrete thinker who needs to prove he's taken science and history courses to graduate from high school. 

In this political game of trying to find a qualified GOP presidential nominee for 2016, we've removed four and that means a fifth chair must be taken out of the circle.  Who will fall flat on their political ass when the "stop" game signal is again called?  

I predict the next unqualified candidate to miss a seat in the game is going to be former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, because, frankly, he's just plain boring. Too bad, because he's an appealing right winger with a nice family. Unfortunately, Santorum needs a charisma transplant.

Of course, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is quickly becoming an irrelevant 2016 presidential candidate.  His political game chair is disappearing as fast as the smallest letter "e" on an eye exam chart, read with one eye closed. Dr. Paul is likely an okay ophthalmologist, but his political skills are myopic at best.

Although Dr. Ben Carson appeared to be a candidate who'd be quick to find his seat in the political game, his fatigue factor has set in quickly. What was Carson thinking when he told Chuck Todd, on NBC's Meet the Press, that he opposed an American Muslim becoming President of the United States? No way can Carson win an election to become the leader of the free world, when 23 percent of humans who inhabit the earth are Muslims, and the US Constitution clearly separates church and state in the very first amendment.  Besides, Dr. Carson is a neurosurgeon.  Obviously, he has no public political experience.

Carly Fiorina is an ambitious woman who wants to run the nation like the failed CEO of a major corporation. She isn't politically nuanced enough to run a successful campaign, because her communications needs polishing and she sends messages like an armed Rottweiler.

Selecting from the circle of candidates who are finding their place in this political musical chairs game is becoming a process of who can upstage Donald Trump?  

It's clear, the Republican establishment will not nominate "Trump the Chump" because the party "brand" is being neutralized by his outrageous behavior, late night (or early morning) "tweeting" and finger pointing when he doesn't get his own way.  Therefore, it's been my opinion, for a long time, that the Republican candidate who survives the circus of "stump speech sound bites" and political musical chairs will be the one who comes in second in the series of primary elections, beginning with the Iowa caucuses. This finalist candidate, in my mind, will be Jeb! Although he's quiet, his place in the musical chairs circle is saved by his name and family's long political reputation, ie his father and brother, regardless of how well or ill they're remembered.  Jeb! has the name recognition, the experience, the even temperament and the money needed to outlast the GOP political chair seekers. Moreover, Jeb! will receive support from the GOP faithful, even if he can't prove he's worthy of being the most conservative of them all.

Therefore, there's little reason to finish the 2016 musical chairs political selection of a GOP presidential candidate, because the crowded group who began their national campaigns will never find a final chair. Until the Republican establishment anoints their preferred candidate, the circle of candidates competing for selected chairs will continue to skiffle until, taaadaaaa, "Jeb!", the one with the foresight to seize the right chair at the right time, is ultimately nominated. 

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