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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Europeans struggle with refugee crises but cower at the cause

Obviously the world sympathizes with the desperate plight of milllions of Syrian and and other political refugees now swarming like migrating flocks of swans into Europe.  

Although the European leaders are "shocked, shocked" by this extraordinary humanitarian carnage, the sad fact is that they are not willing to do anything to root out  the cause of these human tragedies.  Rather than squabble about what to do, like the proverbial "Henny Pennies" of fable, they would be wiser to find a few refugee leaders who could negotiate a plan to resettle these people back to Syria. In other words, destroy the evil Syrian al-Assad regime, that did nothing to help the people who are now fleeing his extraordinary tyranny. What world leader would allow half of his nation's population to flee?  

Who will replace these Syrian people?  They are the future of Syria....or so they "were". 

It baffles me why no leaders seem intent on replacing al-Assad.  

I recall when President Obama and England's Prime Minister Cameron were willing to join forces to take out evil al-Assad and the world revolted at the idea of intervening in yet another Middle East war. Well, the refugee crises is the  horrible outcome of this failed intervention and now the Europeans are "shocked, shocked!", and they seem incapable of responding!

The Guardian reports:reports:

Europe’s meltdown in the face of its biggest post-1945 immigration emergency is generating the worst east-west split since the Iraq war, when Donald Rumsfeld divided it into “new Europe and old Europe” – his supporters and opponents.

On Thursday Germany and France ordered the European commission to come up with a new “permanent” and binding regime for spreading the refugee load around all of the 28 countries in the union. David Cameron and home secretary Theresa May want nothing to do with the scheme and have absented themselves from the policymaking, carping from the sidelines.

So, in my opinion, the Europeans seem intent on picking the refugees off of their shores like dead fish and putting them in body bags as they drop dead on the roads, rather than take out the source of this crises.  

I simply cannot understand the handwringing logic of the European leaders when the alternative to the refugee crises is crystal clear.  

If world leaders can really and truly show leadership, this situation can be reversed, because the alternative to removing the root cause is a daunting 21st century tragedy, with no resolution, at all

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