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Friday, September 18, 2015

Hillary Clinton and the post GOP debate moment

Hilarious Jimmy Fallon, thankfully, helped Hillary 2016, with uplifting humor, post the outrageous GOP failed performances, following Wednesday's September 16, so called "debates". 

Cicero is likely churning in his proverbial Roman grave by the comparisom between the made for TV stand up stump speeches and the word "debates". Nevertheless, CNN apparently received its highest ratings, ever, during the political stand up routines.

Ciscero - Roman (b- 106 BC d- 43 BC age 63)

Fallon's skit with Mrs. Clinton went on after the CNN event, on his "Tonight Show".  In fact, the obvious joviality between Fallon and Mrs Clinton, who easily rehashed the stand up debates with humerus style, was an upstage of the GOP event.

Rather than ask his Democratic guest, Mrs. Clinton, a litany of predictable questions about how her potential rival opponents performed during the stand up "Donald Trump political theater", Fallon went directly to the quick, with a funny split screen skit.

At today's check, more than 2 million people have gone to the Jimmy Fallon skit on YouTube, where it's posted. Obviously, many more millions watched the show, when it was broadcast. 

One obvious difference between the Fallon skit and the drudgery of the GOP debate is that the YouTube video will outlive the boring exchanges, scripted in the CNN led "debate" (sorry Cicero).

I suggest Mrs. Clinton hold her demeanor with the Jimmy Fallon interview for the remainder of the campaign. She can certainly do no harm, while appearing to have a good time, when delivering her salient messages to the American people. In fact, I'm wondering how Mrs. Clinton could consider a Jimmy Fallon look alike to stage other comedy routines for her, at various and strategic campaign stops.  

Nevertheless, although running for president is extremely serious business, our nation needs to take the opportunity to contrast the candidates in all milieus, including on late night TV with the talented Jimmy Fallon. Mrs. Clinton's comedy was certainly meaningful and memorable.  

On the other hand, the stand-up, made for TV, Trumponian debacle was probably rated as an okay performance for his "Chumponian" followers. 

Nevertheless, it's doubtful anyone who watched the CNN interviews or "quasi debates" can talk cogently about anything, any of the candidates, actually said.  

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