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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Democrats enjoy tremendous depth in the political list of qualified presidential candidates

Democrats should be justifiably proud of the candidates running for 2016 President of the United States.  

On the other hand, Republicans are struggling to support even one qualified presidential candidate.

News media, and others who're focused on politically damaging Hillary Clinton's 2016 "electability", with the trumped up email brouhaha, can't offer an alternative candidate. In fact, Republicans have completely failed to demonstrate a qualified choice for President and leader of the free world.

Republicans have only a few qualified candidates and none of them seem to be conservative enough to meet the purity criteria of the radical right wingers. Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, is one qualified candidate, but he sounds more like a man campaigning for the role of Tony Soprano, in a remake of the popular TV series, than a presidential candidate. Another qualified candidate is Jeb! "Bushy Boy", son of George '41. Unfortunately, Jeb! has been unimpressive on the campaign circuit. He seems to wait for the front runner circus performer, Donald Trump the Chump, to make a serious mistake, rather than risk showing Americans his questionable leadership skills. Jeb! Bushy Boy believes speaking fluent Spanish, now and then, somehow makes him a world leader. (I don't think so!)

Governor John Kasick of Ohio is another qualified presidential candidate, but he recently seems lost in the maddening crowd. 

Meanwhile, while disorganized Republicans are struggling to find the "right enough" candidate, the Democrats are proudly supporting several highly qualified presidential candidates. 

This line up is a masterful and impressive list:

1.  Hillary Clinton:  world humanitarian, first lady of Arkansas, first lady of the United States, a US Senator and Secretary of State.
Secretary Hillary Clinton

2.  Senator Bernie Sanders- the US Senator from Vermont.

Senator Bernie Sanders

3.  Governor Martin O'Malley - former mayor of Baltimore and two times elected Governor of Maryland.

Governor Martin O'Malley

4.  Vice President Joseph Biden - former US Senator from Delaware and current Vice President of the United States.

Vice President Joe Biden former Senator from Delaware

All four Democratic candidates have the qualifications to be President of the United States. 

Obviously, Secretary Hillary Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden are the most qualified on the list of four.  

Indeed, Democrats are deservedly proud to have such depth in the quality of presidential candidates.  Republicans are most concerned about having to run a candidate from their political clown car against Hillary Clinton. Therefore, the Republicans are doing everything in their collective power to drive up Mrs. Clinton's negatives.  Moreover, the news media has completely ignored Mrs. Clinton's attributes and presidential qualifications. 

Instead, the media is obsessed with the politically driven Clinton "non" email news, by looking at every morsel of private and professional messages, to scoop something terrifyingly awful. Nothing gripping yet and I doubt anything of substance will be discovered.

Frankly, I'm completely confident the Clinton email news, being muckraked by Republicans, is less controversial than the poor qualifications of candidates like Carley Fiorina (she's the failed leader of Hewlett Packard) or Donald Trump "the chump" (a showman, rather than a politician). Dr. Ben Carson is running a campaign obsessed with our nation's deficit, but he has little understanding of world markets and economic theories.  Rather, Carson is a surgeon. As a nurse, I can tell blog readers, without reservation, that a surgeon knows how to run a surgical suite extremely well. Yet, Dr. Carson is acting like his expertise in brain surgery will somehow translate into being an expert leader of the free world.  (Hmmmm....yet another, "I don't think so".)

It's about time for news media to recognize the depth of the Democratic presidential leadership. At the same time, the media should be comparing the qualifications of the Republicans with those of the Democrats. Seems like a "no brainer" comparison.  Democrat candidates have stature and experience. Most of the Republican craving the Presidential 2016 office are on an ego trip.

Thoughtful Americans will pay attention to the qualifications of who we elect to be President of the United States and fire all those wanna-bees who clearly do not have the right stuff. 

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