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Thursday, September 03, 2015

International refugee tragedies reminiscent of pre World War II

Compelling pictures of desperate refugees trying to find safety from war by travelling towards Western Europe are flooding the internatioal media. Instead of being helped, the refugees are faced with finding even more desperation, tragedy and death.

Now, as the tragedy grows, the refugees are being treated like prisoners rather than asylum seekers. Scenes of families struggling to crowd into traains with the crushing force of hundreds cramming
into the doors before they close, are beyond belief.  Nevertheless, the tragedy looks like a color film replay of World War II, when the Germans were desperately putting their children on trains to help them escape from the Nazi persecutions and death camps.

CNN reports: Budapest train station opens for limited travel, while migrants rush in.  They just want a future, they say.
A terribly sad photo of a toddler's lifeless body -- one of 12 people who drowned off Turkey and washed up on a beach -- has come to symbolize the gravity of the crisis.

Evidently, little in Europe has improved the human condition during the last 150, or more years. Desperate migrations of refugees have followed wars and persecutions for multiple decades. 

Obviously, the recent migrations of immigrants coming from Syria are escaping camps, where they have been interred since being displaced by the evil President Bashar al-Assad. 

What's Europe going to do with these seemingly endless waves of immigrants, when most of the nations can hardly afford to care for their own people?

One way I've recommended is to find somebody, or several people, to lead these refugee people. They need to be organized into actions that will return them to the places from where they originated.  

Instead, there's no leadership evident among these tragic refugees. It's every man, woman, child and family fighting for themselves.

Moreover, they frequently find themselves at the mercy of heinous
people who prey on them for money and then abandon them in the middle of their flights to seek freedom.

Since there are no obvious leaders to help these people, it's incumbent on the United Nations to offer help. Unfortunately, this increasingly inept international body seems to be cowering in the shadows.  

Meanwhile, the refugee tragedy has swelled into a massive humanitarian disaster and it may have reached the point of no return. In other words, the problem is bigger than any solution proposed to fix it, short of capturing Assad and delivering the refugees back to Syria (those who are alive to return).

Otherwise, as the crises continues, the roads into Western European nations will become littered with dead men, women, and children, like squirrels caught by the wheels of a Mack truck. At the same time, drowned children's bodies will become as common as finding dead fish on the shore. Something, pray God, must be done.

But what?

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