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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Republican right wing myths - Ripley's Believe it or Not?

Even more worrisome than the rise of Donald Trump the Chump as a Republican Presidential candidate, are the myth makers who present lies as truth.  In fact, immigrant children are being victimized by FoxNews right wing lies.

Numbers of children who're illegally immigrating into the US are increasing, but let's get the data about their arrival correct. 

FoxNews is one perpetrator of political misinformation. This right wing cable news channel thrives on creating right wing truth, regardless of any evidence to back up the rhetoric.

Regarding US immigration from Central America and Mexico, FoxNews has created a dangerous cottage industry of lies.  

Indeed, Mr. Ripley would put  the FoxNews "matter of fact", statements, as being too incredulous to believe. 

Nevertheless, many gullible watchers of FoxNews are certainly falling for myths. For example, the purpose of the FoxNews immigration compulsion is just to create fear about immigrants. 

Moreover, Donald Trump has built his stand up soapbox stump speech on the fear these immigration myths generate.

Myth Number One:
35,000 illegal children immigrants cross into the US through Texas, every month! They enter by riding into the US on the roofs of trains.

Obviously, this myth is ridiculous. It seems to me, any reasonable person would see this myth for what it is - a right wing lie. Yes, the numbers of child immigrants are growing because nothing is being done to stop the violence these children are exposed to in their home countries.

Pipeline of children: A border crisis

Gang Violence, Lack of Opportunity and Misinformation Lead to a Mass Exodus North to the United States. Thousands Travel Well Worn but Dangerous Path in Hopes of New Opportunity.

So, this report from AZCentral doesn't seem to report 35,000 children arriving every month, on the roofs of trains. Nevertheless, this misinformation is in the minds of right wing extremists.

As a matter of fact, a pipeline bringing a flood of Central American migrants to the United States, including thousands of unaccompanied children, begins in villages like Quebrada Maria, near the Caribbean coast of Honduras.  But the numbers are no where near 35,000, every month.  If this myth were fact, there would hardly be any children left in Central America.

Here's who are immigrating: Dimple-faced, 14-year-old Brayan Duban Soler Redondo lived in daily fear of being beaten up or killed by members of gangs like Mara Salvatrucha, also called MS-13, and Calle 18.

Gangs such as these terrorize neighborhoods throughout Central America. Over three days in May, gang members in a Honduran city, San Pedro Sula, murdered five children ages 5 to 13.  "They cut their bodies into quarters as a warning to others because the children didn't want to distribute drugs in their neighborhood," said Father German Calix, director of Caritas Honduras, a Catholic relief agency.

Slayings like these were why Brayan was desperate to leave. He imagines himself working in an office in the United States someday, "wearing fancy clothes" and sending money back to his family.

But his charming smile offered little protection in his village, where gangs kill over the smallest of things, he said, even for trying to go to school or wearing the wrong clothes.

He had no idea how he would escape that world until, the week before Easter, he heard news he thought could save his life.

Two brothers from the same village had set off a month earlier for the United States. Their mother had received a call. The boys, teenagers like Brayan, had made it. Word spread through the village fast. The boys told their mother that, after turning themselves in to "la migra," the Border Patrol, they had been detained briefly and then released to relatives in the United States.

Brayan saw a way out.

There was one big problem. Migrants often pay smugglers thousands of dollars to guide them to the United States. 

Brayan didn't have any money. He's the youngest of eight children. His parents are coffee pickers. And, unlike many migrants, he didn't know any relatives working in the U.S. to send him money for the trip.

But that didn't deter him. After hearing the story about the two boys, Brayan decided to leave his family behind and strike out the very next day on a 1,400-mile journey to the U.S. To earn money, he killed a rabbit and sold it for the equivalent of $9.50, which he carried in his pocket the day he left.

So in mid-April, Brayan entered the pipeline, which has grown increasingly crowded with children looking for an escape route out of their violent homelands. (But 35,000 a month? Impossible!)

Here's another right wing myth:  The reason so many thousands of illegal immigrants are crossing into the US is because they want to vote in American elections!

Well, this is truly ridiculous, because most who're fleeing their homes in Central America and in Mexico are unable to speak or read in English! Moreover, none are American citizens, a requirement before anyone can vote in any US election. 

Rather, these desperate immigrants are trying to earn money. The US dollar is so strong, it's like a magnet drawing them north. They have no interest in voting in American elections, at this time, because they aren't citizens. Nevertheless, in the event any of the immigrants, eventually, become American citizens, they'll certainly remember those who helped them along "a path to citizenship". Those who helped the immigrants, will undoubtedly be rewarded with their votes. Otherwise, this preposterous "voting" myth has no substance.

Certainly, as some wise pundit once said, a lie can travel around the world before the truth catches up. It seems to  me, the purpose of FoxNews is to create an extensive network of lies, too many for any truth teller to ever catch.

Meaning, FoxNews will continue to smother the truth about immigration from Central America and Mexico into the US. Indeed, it will likely take generations before Mr. Ripley will be able to publish the FoxNews myths in the "Believe it or Not" museum, because the facts about the young immigrants may never be entirely known.

Even with 24/7 real time news, it appears the right wing has escaped being "factified". 

Nevertheless, common sense should prevail in political myth busting. There's just no way 35,000 children are illegally immigrating into  the USA every month, arriving on the roofs of trains. Even more incredulous, those who manage to escape the tyranny of the situations the immigrants are fleeing from are certainly not taking this arduously dangerous journey so they can vote in American elections. Thoughtful Americans should never believe incredible lies about desperate immigrants. Yet, the barn door has opened and it will take generations before the news media will be able to "factify" these myths. 

Let's hope Democrats will win all the 2016 US elections. Americans need to follow credible news media, that will be forced to respond to those who believe in the desperation behind real immigration facts, rather than creating unbelievable myths about those desperately seeking a new way of life for themselves. (Whatever happened to investigative journalism, anyway?)

FoxNews shouldn't be a source for "Ripley's Believe it or Not" reporting. Instead, FoxNews should be the perpetrators of factual news

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