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Monday, August 31, 2015

Qualified to be president, or not? Trumponian un-qualifications list

It's easy to criticize Donald Trump's presidential campaign, because of his boisterously, over the top, political behaviors. 

He's acting like a Saturday Night Live (SNL) parody, rather than a serious presidential candidate. Nevertheless, although Americans appear to be enjoying the "Trumponian" stump speeches, the fact is, Donald Trump isn't qualified to be the Leader of the Free World, as President of the United States.  

Indeed, the Trumponian presidential campaign is upsetting
mainstream Republican political stereotypes. But, like The Music Man, who couldn't play an instrument, he doesn't know the territory!

For example, what's happened to the Moral Majority?  Remember them?  Does this now antiquated group (many of them still around, I'm sure) understand how Donald Trump is a three times married man? Also, Trump (the Chump!) claims to attend a prestigious New York City Presbyterian Church. But, the church's community denies he's an active member.

The Moral Majority was a prominent American political organization founded in 1979, associated with the Christian right. Although it was eventually dissolved, the group played a key role in the mobilization of Christians as a political force and in Republican presidential elections. I can't imagine anyone from the remnants of The Moral Majority supporting a Trumponian presidential campaign. (Of course, they're still looking for their political moral savior.)

Another reason the Trumponian candidate is unqualified to be president of the United States is because Donald Trump (the Chump) never held a political office. In fact, he's never even campaigned for an elected position. 

It's egotistically absurd to see Trump the Chump leap from being a reality television show star, into becoming a candidate for leadership of the free world.

Finally, Trumponian political philosophy seems void of an understanding about the US Constitution's 14th Amendment, protecting children born in the US as citizens. Otherwise, Trump the Chump would be more cautious about how he claims to know the solution, according to him, for solving the nation's growing illegal immigration problem. 

How does America protect our borders from receiving thousands of illegal immigrants, every month, without infringing on their human rights? These immigrants are desperate and, thereby, deserve humanitarian care. Nevertheless, in the process of receiving these immigrants, American border security is also confronted with how to deport them, when there's clearly no enforcement for how to keep them from returning.

In summary, Trumponian qualifications for his presidential campaign are non-existent. Clearly, Trump the Chump has no experience or qualifications to be the Leader of the Free World. Apparently, Republican voters are becoming aware of the Trumponian experience deficit, because Trump the Chump can't break the 25 percent poll numbers he seems stuck at, while another political novice, Dr. Ben Carson, is gaining in political status.  

In my opinion, no Republican 2016 candidates are qualified to fill the job as President of the United States. Trump the Chump is a showman. Dr. Ben Carson is a surgeon, who can't possibly solve America's deficit by becoming our president (his only campaign theme).  Unfortunately, Jeb! (Bushy Boy) is loosing traction, because he just doesn't stand for anything. Ted Cruz "to loose", is a braggart who speaks like an uninspired political Evangelist. Cruz doesn't instill pride in being an American when he refers to his Senate colleagues, all duly elected, as being a "cartel".

Trump the Chump is a bully who rules by intimidation. His anti-women name calling is disgusting. Trump is a man with enormous financial power. Therefore, he should know better than to intimidate women by calling them names or telling them they are "not nice". Surely, Trump's mother taught him better manners.

Donald Trump isn't presidential material. Although his brutal stand up stump speeches have certainly electrified a bland slate of Republican presidential candidates, he just doesn't have the right stuff to lead our nation. 

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