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Friday, August 07, 2015

Republicans gave prime time television a boost but same boring sound bites

Americans don't need to hear anything else from the Republican clown car political circus. Indeed, the Grumpy Old Party (GOP) already has their stand up reality show  star candidate.  Donald Trump the Chump lived up to his pre-debate (circus) hype, while intimidating his Fox News moderators. Although the prime time ratings for the political performances were probably higher than usual, the outcomes were boring rhetorical stump speeches with a few "Trumpisms" thrown in for laughs.

During the political circus, there were virtually no interesting questions asked and the responses were boring. For circus atmosphere, an audience applause track was directed at strategic moments, just to add badly needed drama to the forum.

It appeared Jeb Bush had a bad night at the circus. Obviously, a lot was expected of him, but he didn't deliver the "sound bite" goods. The "Jeb!" strategy was to break out as the "sane" candidate, or an intellectual in the midst of the clowns. Unfortunately, this break out strategy didn't work. Rather, "Jeb!" Bushy-boy looked more like the cliché "deer in the political headlights", than an intellectual alternative to Donald Trump the Chump.  There was "Jeb!" on stage right, with every opportunity to upstage Trump the Chump. Rather than take the limelight away from Trump, he just looked like a cardboard cut out of himself, which might have been all there really was of him there, anyway, given how little he said in response to questions.

As for Scott Walker's presentation at the circus, he might as well have been the star of the kiddie's show at 5 PM, rather than on stage with  the main attractions. It's truly unbelievable to me that Scott Walker was twice elected to be governor of Wisconsin, when he has no campaign presence. Walker looked like a Howdy Doody puppet, left over from the 1950's, painted and given a hair dye.  Without Buffalo Bob to prop him up, he was a political dud.  His response to the "God" question was incoherent. 

(By the way, the God question was another stupid effort at "gotcha" from those Fox News circus moderators. God has no interest in American elections. Rather, God is more interested in the souls of the politicians themselves, rather than on their inflated egos.)

So what's the take away from the Republican clown car circus debate of August 2015?  Well, there was no new news. Trump the Chump still leads the field of candidates in the popularity polls, while the electorate at large continues to find him bombastic. I'd add "no experience" to the reasons why Trump the Chump isn't the candidate of Republican choice, but this qualification element, weirdly, doesn't seem to be an issue.

Reince Priebus, the national Republican Party chairman, looked like the circus clean up guy, running around with a broom after the elephants leave the center ring, post the big top debate. 

In other words, the Republican Party  has no leadership and their star candidate is a reality show television celebrity.


Time to take the circus tents down. Republicans must find a candidate who really wants to be the leader of the free world with the qualifications to take the job, if elected. 

To all Republicans who believe Donald Trump is their candidate, we sure hope you're all voted off the "island", and soon, so the entire nation isn't swept away by this dangerous political tsunami of "Trumpism" theatrics.

Meanwhile, Senator Rubio used a sound bite line about Democrats being unable to find a qualified candidate, in his closing Fox News circus remarks. Well, for his information, all the Democratic candidates are busy talking to voters, rather than just courting money. Moreover, any one of them would defeat Rubio in a general election, because he's just a blinky-bottle baby who isn't qualified to be leader of the free world.

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