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Monday, August 03, 2015

Koch Brothers dilemma - taken on somebody richer than them in Donald Trump

Well, well, well!

If there's one productive outcome of a Donald Trump the Chump candidacy for US president 2016, the fact is, there may be reason to celebrate the demise of the Koch Brothers Oligarchy. Maybe.

A CNN report says The Donald has trumped his Koch Brother political controllers. He has more money than the two Oligarchs can possibly share with him, especially when they're busy courting other right wing clones, using the paper swill to lure them, sloshing it in their campaign buckets.  

Honestly, if Donald Trump the Chump ever asked me for campaign advice (knowing he doesn't hire political advisers!), my suggestion would be for him drive the fact home about how he's not beholding to those Koch Oligarchs.

Here's the CNN report:

Dana Point, California (CNN) Donald Trump wasn't invited to address some 450 top conservative donors who gathered here at a lush oceanfront hotel for a policy-focused retreat hosted by the Koch brothers and their powerful political network.

So the real estate magnate turned to Twitter on Sunday to mock rivals -- former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and former Hewlett Packard chief executive Carly Fiorina -- who were given entrée to potential backers at the luxurious gathering.

"I wish good luck to all of the Republican candidates that traveled to California to beg for money etc. from the Koch Brothers," Trump tweeted Sunday. "Puppets?"  (Good tweeting, Donald!)

With that provocative two-pronged jab -- charging the billionaire industrialist brothers with attempting to buy influence, while attacking the integrity of the five candidates favored by the Kochs -- Trump may be asking for a fight. 

While the billionaire businessman (Trump) likes to boast that he doesn't need anyone's money to fund his presidential ambitions, there are few independent organizations on the GOP side with political muscle to winnow the field -- and potentially knock Trump from his perch -- like the Koch-backed network. 

Democrats have spent tens of millions of dollars seeking to vilify the Kochs and their agenda -- portraying them as wealthy industrialists who put the disadvantaged at risk to help their bottom line; but, the Republican candidates are shameless, they do not show any hesitation in seeking their swill for favor.

Nevertheless, for the most part, the same Republicans also ignored the Twitter needling by Donald Trump.

Thankfully, Donald Trump the Chump is drawing attention to the Oligarchy candidates who have no ethical problem being bought by the Koch brothers.  For this achievement alone, Trump should be applauded.  Indeed, if he Trump can bring down the Koch Oligarchy, he may even find his place in political history.

But, I sincerely, believe the establishment Republicans will never nominate Trump the Chump, regardless of how well he's doing in popularity polls or how many primaries he may be fortunate enough to win. Nevertheless, if Trump can bring down the Koch Oligarchy, Americans should present him with a political reward.

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