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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Republican poster joke - "How many Republicans does it take to.....?" fill in the blank

CNN photo

This wall paper portrait could be a political "pin the tail on the face" game.  Put a blind fold on the player and ask them to find the candidate who they can actually name. 

In other words, who are all these people? More important, why are they crowded in this picture? Clearly, the central figure being Trump the Chump, isn't even a politician at all. Rather, he's an entertaining actor, who's playing the political role.

On the other hand, this portrait could also be a political "Where's Waldo?" game. Ask the player to find one candidate for whom they can verbalize a biography. In other words, how are any of the poster puzzle figure heads qualified to be the president of the United States?

Regardless of the rules, this political quiz game is a confusing collage of names and faces, but no outstanding leader. Obviously, Donald Trump the Chump is the popularity contest winner, like the cliche beauty queen who gets the most votes from the judges. But, he's clearly not a political leader.  He's more like a political joker.

In fact, the lack of leadership is what leaps out of this political montage. Most disappointing in the picture packet is how Republican party faithful would like to support Jeb! the Bushy-boy, but his leadership is non-existent.  Jeb! led a lackluster response to the terrible Trump the Chump label of Mexicans as criminals, and worse. Yet, Jeb! is married to a Mexican-American.

"How many Republicans does it take to create a boring poster?"

This wallpaper pattern of political faces has no sparkle whatsoever.

"How many Republicans does it take to find one qualified to be president of the United States?"  Perhaps a "pin the political tail" game would be a reasonable way to select one of the above.

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