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Saturday, August 01, 2015

Texas government corruption - Governor Perry and Attorney General Ken Paxton

Under the headline of "makes no sense".  Governor Rick Perry will carry the dust cloud of corruption into the Republican 2016 presidential campaign. Why would he want to compete with this baggage dragging down his campaign?  This legal anchor should bring down the Texas governor. Certainly, legal indictments of Governor Perry and now his attorney general Ken Paxton are lots easier to understand than old email stories about Secretary Clinton's time as Secretary of State.

Texas attorney general reportedly indicted- Ken Paxton
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has been indicted by a grand jury on multiple felony charges, according to reports.

A Tarrant County judge has already been appointed to take up the case, according to the report.

Rick Perry is the longest-serving, best-coiffed governor of the second-largest U.S. state (Texas), having ended a 14-year stint as Texas’s “Governor Goodhair” in January; and an infamous “oops” moment, when in the space of 53 agonizing seconds in November 2011, Perry forgot during a televised debate the third of three federal agencies he’d abolish if elected president.  Moreover, now, Perry has another claim to fame: He’s one of the few people to formally run for president while under indictment. 
It makes no sense for Governor Perry, who is more or less a Sarah Palin look alike, to want to bring this Texan style corruption into the American presidency. Shame on him! reports: Governor Perry is accused of abusing his power.
Perry, 65, faces two abuse-of-power charges for threatening in 2013 to veto funding for a public-corruption task force if Democratic rival Rosemary Lehmberg, the county district attorney in charge of the unit, didn’t resign following a humiliating drunken driving conviction. She didn’t, so he did. Therefore, a citizens’ watchdog group f
iled a criminal complaint, saying it smelled like an attempt to strong-arm an elected official. 

Perry was indicted in August and has so far failed to persuade a visiting state judge to dismiss the charges on technicalities.

Clearly, Governor Rick Perry degrading the status of President of the United States by continuing to run for president, in spite of the disastrous campaign he conducted in 2012, and now facing criminal indictments.

If Governor Perry really wanted to help his Republican party, he'd voluntarily resign from the 2016 campaign. In so doing, assuming he had the wherewithal to withdraw, he'd save his Grumpy Old Party the embarrassment of trying to defend his indictments. In so doing, he'd reduce the clown car full of candidates by one person. 

As for Attorney General Paxton's indictment, it seems obvious to me, Governor Perry hired this man for his administration to hide wrongdoings, using his state's legal officer to protect his reputation.

Unfortunately, the media is obsessed with Donald Trump "the chump's" stand up comedy routine.  Equally compulsive, the media is focused like laser beams on Hillary Clinton's email.

In conclusion, Governor Perry is totally ill equipped to be the President of the United States.  Sooner or later, his now indicted Attorney General Ken Paxton will spill the beans on him to negotiate a plea bargain. Therefore, it makes no sense for Governor Perry to continue to want to be President of the United States, because in the very off side chance he'd win the 2016 election, he'll be impeached as a result of his Texas corruption. 

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