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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Donald Trump "the chump" and Ambition 101

Politicians are driven by passion and ambition. 

Otherwise, their egos would be unable to defend them against the inevitable personal attacks they can expect as they pursue their goals of winning elections and serving their constituency - of course, assuming they really care about their constituents.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump, the multi billionaire "chump" who's trying to win the Republican nomination for president of the United States, is positively consumed by ego. I believe "Trump the Chump" has an ego bigger than the planet Jupiter. As a result, he's blinded by his ego and simply can't conceptualize his vision for America or how he intends to govern (assuming Americans are sucked into his sphere of gravity and votes for him).

Americans were diligent about watching William Jefferson Clinton for mistakes of passion. Imagine what the White House will become if "Trump the Chump" happens to be elected to live there. In my opinion, the Playboy Mansion might be considered G rated if Trump the Chump takes over residence of the White House.
Talk about a real estate mogul? Trump the Chump, as (God forbid) chief executive of the government, can declare his personal residence to be a condo or a haunted house on Halloween. After all, it would be his house.

Donald Trump the Chump can't run for president with just his name recognition and inflated ego. Although he'll have ample money to self fund his ambitious campaign, his limited energy will eventually wear down and he'll have to collapse under the weight of his own ego. Remember, Mr. Trump the Chump, you can't delegate the job of running for president of the United States. You have to show up.

Unfortunately, Trump the Chump seems to focus his ambition; he's apparently more strategic right now than his "clown car" of competitors, who are vying for the nomination he's seeking. 

Scott Walker is like Howdy Doody without Buffalo Bob; Jeb! the Bushy-Boy is acting like the retired Phillips Exeter Academy development director - just show him the moneeeee! Huckabee-wannabee is preaching like an Old Testament Prophet - the ones nobody ever listened to. Rand Paul has become too myopic to see where his political campaign is going. Perry is like the rodeo clown, trying to draw attention away from the charging bulls to save himself. Yawn...are we having fun yet?  (Wait! This political show doesn't end until the last lady sings.....) Yet, the audience is getting agitated and Donald Trump the Chump is, at least, entertaining the crowds. Unfortunately, Trump's one man comedy act isn't raising any money for the Grumpy Old Party faithful but he's getting all the laughs.

Therefore, maybe Donald Trump the Chump may have all it takes to win the Republican nomination. He has the money, the ambition, the name recognition and a natural ability to do stand up comedy.

Yet, in "ambition 101" class, Trump the Chump's ego doesn't seem to need any education. Of course, when it comes to political substance, we'll see Trump the Chump asking himself all the policy questions, so he can answer only what he chooses.  

Unfortunately, none of Trump the Chump's competitors have egos the size of Jupiter (maybe Mars, but not Jupiter); nor do they have the money needed to independently fuel their political ambition. 

As a result, Trump the Chump is a dangerous politician who has aced the ambition 101 class and, worse, has the capacity to give a failing grade to all of his competitors.

Unless, of course, Americans stop laughing and start paying attention to the dangers of a Donald Trump the Chump potential (gulp) administration. Our White House might as well consider what color of red or purple it will become if, God Forbid, we see a Donald Trump the Chump as.....well, occupant.

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