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Sunday, August 09, 2015

Republican "mirror mirror" - where's the real GOP?

Republicans are increasingly worried about their appeal to women voters. They jointly criticized Donald Trump the Chump on Saturday, August 7,  for comments he made about Fox News beauty pundit Megyn Kelly, during the Thursday August 5, circus tent debate. Although Trump's rivals say he should apologize about his caustic comments, the fact is, the damage is already done. 

Republicans have a reputation for their "war on women", especially when certain candidates can't understand women s' reproductive physiology.  Now, with the Trumpisms towards Megyn Kelly getting more graphic, it seems like "suspicions confirmed". Consequently, the Republicans now must find a way out of this abyss. Right now, all Republicans see the Trump face in their narcissistic mirrors. Worse, they don't know what to do about it.

Donald Trump (the chump) has now become the face of the Republican Party. As a result, the clown car full of right wing GOP candidates for the 2016, presidential nomination must now differentiate themselves from bombastic Trumpism. They might consider finding ego mirrors to get the answer to their agony. They each need an answer to, "Mirror Mirror in my hand, tell me I'm the best in the land".....or not.

Of course, the problem with this narcissism is that the entire Republican party is now reflective of Trumpism, precisely because so many of Trump the Chump's euphoric followers will have a difficult time putting their support behind another candidates.  

In other words, who will replace Trump's face in the mirror?  There is none other who can be the "most Republican of them all", when Trump's candidacy is taken out of the picture frame.

Trump’s crude gibe fuels calls in GOP for exit and an apology.
Fears grow of lasting damage to party’s image

Donald Trump is a hard face to replace in the Republican narcissistic mirror. Meanwhile, Trumpisms will continue to plague the GOP.

Meanwhile, nobody is asking to see Trump the Chump's email messages during this political vortex.

More important, the entertainment value of the GOP circus is making all things "Democrat" seem to be sane, reasonable, intelligent and free of bombastic radicalism.         

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