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Saturday, July 18, 2015

T'was only a matter of time - Trump the chump goes over the top about Senator John McCain

Donald Trump "the chump", the self declared billionaire Republican presidential candidate, was always a ticking political time bomb. His labile personality was just waiting to explode his campaign into infamy. Perhaps, he's finally crossed the point of no return, even earlier in the campaign than I expected.  

Although Trump "the chump" was predictably incendiary about immigration, especially with his disgusting comments about hard working Mexicans, he's now crossed the point of no return.

There's absolutely no reason, whatsoever, for Donald Trump, the chump, to attack Senator and Navy Veteran, John McCain.

Trump rose to the top of the Republican polls because his vitriolic anti-immigration message resonated with right wing extremists. 

Nevertheless, Trump's massive wealth didn't protect him from his many political enemies. In fact, Trump "the chump" became angry at Senator John McCain for daring to criticize his renegade candidacy. To retaliate, Trump made the horrible choice to attack Senator John McCain's military record. Ohhhhh-ouch! Not a smart move by Trump. When Trump was at the top of the Republican clown car of candidates, he had no reason to attack a confirmed Navy Veteran and officer, who was a Vietnam prisoner of war.

Trump passed the point of no return with the public, as a result of his stupid anti-McCain criticism. 

Ironically, Trump collected support because of his harsh and unwarranted criticism of innocent Mexican immigrants; yet, he's now on the fence for his wrong minded criticism of Senator John McCain's Veteran's record. 

Trump the chump should never pick on any veterans, especially because he has no military experience.

Trump questions McCain's bravery, says 'he is not a war hero'

By Mark Preston and Eugene Scott, CNN
Washington (CNN)

Donald Trump ignited a political firestorm Saturday by questioning whether Sen. John McCain -- who spent over five years as a prisoner during the Vietnam War -- is a war hero.

By mid-afternoon, Trump tried to walk back his blunder on Twitter, saying "captured or not, all our soldiers are heroes!"

But his attempt at damage control seemed unlikely to diminish the anger his wrong minded remarks caused. 

Instead, they provoked an immediate outcry from his 2016, presidential rivals and the Republican National Committee (RNC), which expressed concern about the impact of his controversial remarks on immigration, on the GOP brand.

For Republicans, who are waiting to pounce on Trump and knock him from his position as the party's leading presidential candidate, the real estate mogul may have (??? hello?) handed them an opening. (Ya' think?)

Of course, Republicans were lurking around, waiting to knock Trump "the chump" off of his paid for leadership pedestal. Taking on Navy Veteran Senator John McCain was totally unnecessary for Trump, but his ego just wouldn't let go of his stupidity. 

Unfortunately, many of Trump's Republican opponents may have waited too long to challenge him, but perhaps it's better late than never.

All of which proves how the "Trumpisms", (his spontaneous rhetoric) spewed by Trump the Chump, demonstrates how he's truly unfit to be a wanna-be Leader of the Free World (LFW).

Now that Trump the Chump is likely political toast for 2016, who will be the next candidate to be voted off the Republican survival island?  My prediction is - the next one to go, will be Governor Chris Christie (sorry, Governor LePage of Maine and Governor Hogan, of Maryland)...unfortunately, your thin clouts endorsed the wrong guy - you shoulda' paid attention when your mothers said to watch who your friends are....)

Next up?  "Jeb!" i.e., "Bushy-boy". Who knew?  (But where's he been hiding?)  So, let's see how Bushy boy responds when he's asked why he waited so long to take out Trump the Chump? 

Meanwhile, Mrs. Hillary Clinton continues to gain support among Democrats while the Republicans, thankfully, are voting each other out of the presidential 2016, campaign.

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