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Monday, July 06, 2015

Republicans and Humility

When seeing Hillary Clinton marching in a July 4th Parade in New Hampshire, it occurred to me how she didn't have to do this to get attention. Everyplace Hillary Clinton goes gets attention. She could have hosted a July 4th cook out or visited Santa's Village in Jefferson New Hampshire. It likely wouldn't have mattered where she went or what she did, because she'd get plenty of attention.  

In my opinion (although Chuck Todd of Meet the Press sees it differently) the fact that Hillary Clinton walked in a July 4th parade shows humility.  On the other hand, Todd says the space created around her by a roped barrier was unflattering for a Presidential candidate.  To me, it doesn't matter if she claimed space between herself and the parade audience. She marched and others did not. Rather than sit on a comfortable parade float and wave like a mannequin, Mrs. Clinton marched.  Chuck Todd is wrong to criticize Mrs. Clinton for creating a barrier around herself when the entire nation was on high alert for all sorts of assumed dangers.  A simple rope did not obstruct anyone's view of Mrs. Clinton and it allowed space between the candidate and those who might otherwise press too close for comfort. Besides, Mrs. Clinton walked the walk of a Presidential candidate.  Good for her.

On the other hand, I didn't see anybody else marching in the New Hampshire July 4th parade.  

In my opinion, Republicans have a big problem with humility.  For example, Governor Christie is trying to convince voters how his experiences post the George Washington "Briedgegate" irresponsible abuse of political power has somehow made him a better person.  Oh really? How?  Rather than talk about being a changed person, Christie should show us how he cares for the poor, or whether or not he attends church services.  In other words, do something to show how how it is he has become "changed".

Although all humans are worthy of redemption and forgiveness, when they sincerely ask for it, the people who claim to be changed must also demonstrate how they have been trasnformed.  St. Luke was changed when he was knocked off his horse while riding on the road to Damascus. He didn't just say, "Look at me, I'm changed."  Instead, St. Luke became a Christian! 

It had to have taken a tremendous amount of humility for St Luke to change from being a persecutor of Christians into becoming one himself.  In so doing, St. Luke is, for all eternity, the revered disciple of Christianity and a respected leader in the growth of the Christian movement. In other words, St. Luke showed humility and gained eternal name recognition in the history of the world's religions.

Mrs. Clinton has already earned world wide name recognition. Therefore, her humble walk in the New Hampshire July 4th Parade is all the more meaningful because her humility transcends political rhetoric.  She is "walking the walk" to earn the right to become America's first woman president in 2016.



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