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Saturday, July 04, 2015

What is the agenda in Bush-Romney Kennebunkport lunch

"Jeb!" (aka Jeb Bush son of Presidents George and brother of "W",  is planning to win the Republican nomination to run for the 2016 US presidential election.  He's raising oodles of money and now there's a report, in the Maine newspaper "Portland Press Herald", about a scheduled power lunch, planned between "Jeb!" and the previous Republican presidential nominee, Governor Mitt Romney. They're reported to be scheduling a lunch meeting in Kennebunkport, Maine at Walker's Point, the home of President Bush and his family.

It's difficult to understand why "Jeb!" needs to align himself with Mitt Romney. The former presidential candidate won't bring anything new to a 2016 presidential campaign. Think about it. "Jeb!" has money and name recognition.  I suppose what "Jeb!" lacks is Republican party enthusiasm for his candidacy. After all, the Republicans have lost every election where their candidate has been a centrist. Therefore, party loyalists are pulling their political alliances towards the right. In other words, Republicans need another Ronald Reagan. They're hoping for a candidate who can "sell" the Republican brand. "Jeb!" isn't a Ronald Reagan caliber of political salesman, someone who can delude the American voter into believing in right wing conservatism.  He simply doesn't have the right stuff.  

On the other hand, Mitt Romney is a vetted conservative. Although Romney lost his election in 2012, to President Barack Obama, his conservative experience might help "Jeb!" to gain credibility among ambiguous partisans, who don't want another conservative who pretends to be a centrist, just to win an election. Evidence of this is the strong showing of the business magnate and acrimonious ideologue Donald Trump in the presidential race. Most Americans polled can't imagine voting for the brazen Donald Trump, especially after his absolutely obnoxiously outrageous stereotyping of Mexican immigrants. Nevertheless, right wing political partisans appreciate the outspoken non political Trump style (gulp!).  

Trump is unapologetic when speaking the conservative message

Obviously "Jeb!" needs help selling his brand of conservatism to Republicans. Otherwise, he wouldn't invite Mitt Romney to lunch in Kennebunkport, at Walker's Point.  "Jeb!"needs a salesman to promote his brand and he'll ask Mitt Romney for help. Surely, he could ask his brother, the former President Herbert Walker Bush, for help. Nevertheless, doing so raises the ghosts about the "hanging chad" 2000 election. Worse, the former president, who is "Jeb's!" brother, will remind Americans about the failed Operation Iraqi Freedom, a war where thousands of Americans and Iraqi people were killed as a result of America's illegal invasion of a sovereign nation, without cause.

It's difficult to understand how Mitt Romney can help "Jeb!" to sell his Republican conservatism to the party faithful.

As the obnoxious Donald Trump rises in the public opinion polls on the Republican right and Bernie Sanders is cresting on the Democratic left,  even eclipsing Hillary Clinton, it seems "Jeb!" is reaching out to the only lifeline he knows.  Mitt Romney may well be the only friend "Jeb!" has, among political conservatives.

Meanwhile, "Jeb!" continues to roll in campaign contributions.
He has plenty of money to spend, but he still must explain to the American people how it is our nation continues to be embroiled in an Iraq war, when we never should've invaded the country, in the first place. Money won't help "Jeb!" to win the 2016 election, unless Republicans are convinced he can win the election. And they are not convinced, regardless of how much money or name recognition the Bush legacy can access.

Meanwhile, too many GOP candidates are in the field of egotistical clowns who think they can be the next Republican President of the United States. None of them have the right stuff.  

Maybe a lunch is just a "lunch". Although "Jeb!" doesn't need money, he sure needs a political friend. (It's remotely possible, the lunch was even requested by Mitt Romney, rather than by "Jeb!".)

Most of all, what "Jeb!" needs to win are votes in the 2016 Presidential election. Maybe, Mitt Romney can bring in the same 47 percent he won in 2012, but he certainly won't convince the Independents and Democrats who are unimpressed by the failed Bush family legacy.   

We may never know what the agenda is for the Bush-Romney lunch in Kennebunkport. Yet. whatever it is, the outcome will not impact Democratic voters, who remain completely unimpressed by right wing conservatives, regardless of how they're sold to the electorate.

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