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Sunday, July 05, 2015

Bush-Romney power lunch in Kennebunkport Maine

What's on the agenda when "Jeb!" Bush and Governor Mitt Romney meet for their Kennebunkport power lunch? Here are the ten questions I would ask the two wanna be Presidents:

1.  To "Jeb!" I want to know why you did not respond with vitriolic criticism when right winger Donald Trump slandered Mexicans, with stereotypical evil labels?

2.  To Governor Romney, please tell me how two rich white men with name recognition can contribute towards improving the human condition for middle class Americans?

3.  To "Jeb!", will you be attending the Roman Catholic Mass with Pope Francis, when he visits the City of Love, Philadelphia in September?

4.  To Governor Romney explain how your support for Massachusetts Romneycare is the same or different than the Obamacare you have opposed?

5.  To "Jeb!", please explain how Florida became awash in defense money, while there's not even one active duty Navy base in New England?

6.  To Governor Romney, explain how your leadership of the Republican party has improved the political system? Or, is political leadership all about money?  

7.  To "Jeb!", explain how you can make America safe for Americans, when gun ownership has become a political obsessive-compulsion disorder?

8.  To Governor Romney, how can you and "Jeb!" work together to move the Republican party away from right wing rhetoric and knee jerk buzz words?

9.  To "Jeb!", if elected, how will you evaluate potential appointments for Supreme Court candidates?

10.  To Governor Romney, since you're apparently not running for President 2016, would you be willing to show extraordinary leadership by standing up to gun violence,without worrying about National Rifle Association political retribution?  

Of course, if I happened to be a guest at the Bush-Romney power lunch, it's obvious I wouldn't have much time to enjoy the menu.

Let's hope their meal is secondary to the meaningful outcome of this opportunity. Lunch in beautiful Kennebunkport, Maine could be a momentous time, when two rich white men have a chance to show the leadership needed to change the course of right wing Republican politics.  

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