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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Veterans Healthcare - Congress is disingenuous about improvements while cutting military benefits

US Congress - House and Senate call for accountability about Veterans Health Care waiting lists, but won't support more money to improve staffing and access to care.

Congress has cut veterans benefits, while calling for General Shinseki to resign as the director of the VA Health System. 

Some token funding increases have been allocated for VA health care. Nevertheless, the cost of providing access to an aging population requiring chronic illness care, as well as the acute care needs of those who were recently engaged in fighting undeclared wars, added to Afghanistan and Iraqi veterans, have exceeded the system's capacity to meet the patient care goals.  

For Republicans, or anyone in Congress who grandstands about Veterans health care problems, like long wait lists, and delays accessing care are simply being hypocritical. They won't adequately fund the care needed.  

In other words, the American people must be told the truth about the reason our nation provides Veterans health care. Our Veterans are promised health care for life. This promise must be fulfilled, rather than randomly acknowledged when it's politically expedient to say "thank you for your service".

Veterans give up the most productive years of their adult lives to defend our nation. They go where they're sent and follow the orders they receive.  In return, they receive less salary than their civilian counterparts, but they are promised health care.  

Congress has cruelly cut Veterans retirement and welfare programs. Many active duty military even rely on food stamps to feed their families. Yet, Americans and the Congress say "thank you for your service", while continuing to cut retirement, health care and Veterans benefits, like health care.

As American enters another election year, the politicians are making a political statement about supporting Veterans health care. They are "shocked! shocked!" about problems with the VA health care system.

Nevertheless, I predict the VA health care problems will miraculously disappear the day after the 2014 elections.

But, the same hypocrites who cut or won't support adequate funding for Veterans benefits will continue to smile and say "thank you for your service". It's betrayal and hypocrisy of the highest order. Rather than finger pointing to scapegoats to solve the Veterans health system problems, the American people must, instead, hold the US Congress responsible for broken promises.



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