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Monday, May 12, 2014

When the world was united against evil

Watching the disturbing albeit captivating history on the American Heroes Channel (former Military Channel) about the rise of Hitler and Nazism in pre-World War II Germany. Hitler was an unlikely leader, a World War I corporal turned into history's most vilified person. He succeeded in one respect. In post World War II, the world seemed united against the evil permeated by Hitler. 

Today, regardless of how much evil is in need of eradication in the world, seemingly powerful leaders seem incapable of organizing about anything. 

Syria, for example, is a preventable humanitarian disaster; preventable, because Russia and Syria can stop this strife, anytime.

Syrian civil war has driven millions of into refugee camps. People are living in exile with very little hope of being returned to their homes. This evil is perpetrated by the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, orchestrated by Russian President Putin. Russia doesn't care about refugees and Assad wants to maintain his role as President. Should Assad ever leave Syria, he'll be tried for crimes against humanity. After several years of war, Secretary of State Kerry has finally admitted that the Obama administration's Syrian foreign policy has failed.  Kerry also said he believes the regime of Bashar al Assad is failing to uphold its promise to give up its chemical weapons according to schedule; that the Russians are not being helpful in solving the Syrian civil war; and that the Geneva 2 peace talks that he helped organize are not succeeding. But according to the senators, Kerry now wants to arm Syria's rebels—in part, to block the local al Qaeda affiliates who have designs on attacking the U.S. (Kerry's spokesperson denied that he raised the issue of supplying weapons, but did not dispute the overall tenor of the conversation.)

Meanwhile, Syrian refugees continue to suffer. This is quickly becoming a multi generational humanitarian crises. People living in refugee camps will eventually develop  their own way of retaliating and it's impossible to say how they will ultimately demand retribution for their illegal banishment from their homes. 

Assad has the power to declare an end to the Syrian Civil War. If the war were ended, the humanitarian groups would help to resettle the refugees. But this won't happen. World leaders are incapable or organizing against Assad's evil leadership.

In my opinion, Syria's regime is as evil as the 1930s Nazi Germany.  

"This is the biggest humanitarian tragedy since the Rwandan genocide." - Antonio Guterres, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, on the crisis in Syria. The numbers don't lie. Too many innocent people in Syria have suffered - above all, the children of Syria. Of the 2.5 million Syrian refugees, HALF are children.

Although President Obama and England's Prime Minister David Cameron made a joint effort to rally the world against the humanitarian evil perpetrated against Syrian refugees, chemical weapons are in play here, there's been a visible deafness to the disaster by all who should respond. We who don't demand action to save innocents in Syria are complicit with this world deafness.

Of course, the evil perpetrated by Adolf Hitler, particularly the Holocaust perpetrated against the Jewish people during the Nazi reign of terror, should never be allowed to happen again. Yet, if Hitler accomplished anything at all, he managed to unite the world against evil. Certainly, the world can't tolerate another rise of Nazism, but we really need a Churchill to rally the nations in favor of opposing evil wherever it exists, beginning in Syria.

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