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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Turning Texas blue - but the question remains: Why is Texas red?

It makes no sense for Texas to be a conservative, Republican "red" state when the demographics are decidedly descriptive of progressive constituencies. At one time, Texas was an independent country. The "Lone Star State" is the second most populated US state, after California, with a population heavily made up of transplants and immigrants, particularly people who've migrated to the state from adjacent Mexico.  

In comparison, California is a progressive state where the population is similar to the demographics described for Texas. Perhaps the Asian population in California makes the state's population somewhat different from those in Texas. 

Although both states have large immigrant populations, Texas is "red" while California is "blue".

Somehow, somewhere, Texas politics became ultra conservative. 

Although I'm certainly not an expert on Texas politics, it seems the Democrats somehow "lost" the state, after Governor Ann Richards was defeated, after one term, by the future Republican president of the US, George W. Bush. Yet, Democratic President Lyndon Johnson was also a Texan.

Where are those people who voted for Governor Ann Richards?
Surely, those who voted for Governor Ann Richards will support the current Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis.

Wendy Russell Davis (born Wendy Jean Russell,May 16, 1963) is an American lawyer and Democratic politician from Fort Worth, Texas.  On June 25, 2013, Davis held an 11 hour-long filibuster to block a measure which included more restrictive abortion regulations for Texas. Her filibuster played a major role in Senate Democrats' success in delaying passage of the bill beyond the midnight deadline for the end of the legislative session, though it ultimately passed in a second session. The filibuster brought Davis national attention.  In October 2013, she announced that she would run for governor in 2014 to succeed the retiring Republican Rick Perry.

It seems to me, if the immigrant populations and progressive women add to the voters who remain from those who voted for Governor Ann Richards, then Texas has a good chance of turning blue by electing Wendy Davis.

Why Texas turned conservative "red" is a mystery. Texas politics seems more about protecting gun owners rights and the death penalty than revenue sharing. Therefore, it seems logical that the progressive people who are the brunt of this misguided public policy should outnumber those who are obsessed with power to kill people rather than care for them.

It seems like conservative Texas politics has run its course.  

It's time for the state to return to its progressive heritage and elect Wendy Davis as governor. In the spirit of Governor Ann Richards, it's time to turn Texas blue.  

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