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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Innocents the victims of evil - more Nigerian girls abducted

Nigerians are justifiably wailing in grief about the recent abduction of innocent girls who were stolen by evil men intent on stifling their brilliance and steal their innocence. These heinously evil abductors are certainly motivated by demonic intentions, while the world screams for their release.

Suspected Boko Haram Islamist militants in Nigeria, men intent on putting women who yearn for education at risk for their lives and take away their character, have now abducted even more girls in North Eastern Nigeria. 

If there ever was a humanitarian reason for the US to intervene in any other nation, the rescue of these innocent girls are among the most urgent. Yet, the Nigerian people have the power to find these girls.  Nigerians outnumber the abductors. Surely, keeping a group of young girls hidden or trapped can't be a simple accomplishment, especially in the primitive Nigerian countryside. Nigerian people must know where these girls are being held captive, but they're likely being terrorized into silence by the evil doers. 

Nigerians must rise up and claim these girls back from their captives. Pervasive evil perpetrated by the demonic Boko Haram Islamist militants, who abducted the innocent girls from their schools, will surely face the wrath of justice. Unfortunately, justice won't be levied in time to save the innocent girls, who are put  at risk for unimaginable mental and physical harm. These girls wanted to improve their social and educational status, by attending school. This simple act of female progress was threatening to the evil Islamist militants. Tragically, the evil abductors won't face justice before they desecrate the innocence of girls, who were working to improve their social and educational status, by attending school.

Nevertheless, the Nigerian people have the capacity to rise up in complete outrage and demand to have their girls returned, unharmed, back to their homes. Nigerians must unite after the evil abductors, because, if the abductors terrorize the people against taking action, it will motivate the abductors to strike again. Ultimately, each abduction event will have a greater impact than the preceding evil.

Obviously, these innocent girls must be completely terrified by their abduction. They need to know their nation will rise to their rescue and, moreover, demand for those responsible to be severely punished and incinerated. 

Regardless of how this heinously evil abduction eventually turns out, these abducted girls must be protected, and hailed as heroines for the risks they endured to improve their social and educational status. They are heroines of an era when the education of women is finally raising the status of women to be more equal to men. 

Those demonic men who used abduction and terrorism to prevent women from building their self esteem by attending school are doomed to face the ultimate justice of government; but these evil men will, also, ultimately, experience eternal punishment when they come face to face with their own mortality.



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