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Saturday, May 03, 2014

Putin divides to conquer - he's cackling at the grimaced world

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is cruelly doing whatever he chooses to take over Syria, the Crimea, and the Ukraine and.....what's next? Eastern Europeans must be furious with the inability of the Western powers to take decisive action, other than a few economic sanctions, to prevent Putin's divide and take what he wants ambitious military strategy. 

Vladimir Putin doesn't act like he's worried about the impact of economic sanctions on his nation's already deteriorating economic problems. Nevertheless, governing the expansive and diverse Russian nation doesn't appear to be a priority for Putin. Caring about people has never been his focus. 

Instead, Putin obviously sees national expansion as beneficial to his own Napoleonic political future. What will he accomplish? He'll justifiably be able to say that he came back to win the Cold War, after it was declared a defeat for the Russian nation. He can claim world dominance, something Nikita Khrushchev talked about but never accomplished.  

In a nutshell, Putin cackles at the grimacing world. He'll divide Syria by supporting the nation's civil war and drive the humanitarian disasters until the only people left standing are Russian puppets. At the same time, Putin will isolate the Ukraine by putting a stranglehold on the Crimean peninsula; meanwhile, he's going to march right into Kiev and take over Ukraine's capital. 

CNN reports: Slavyansk, Ukraine (CNN) -- On the one side, Ukraine's interior minister said Saturday that military operations in the east would continue and vowed, "We are not stopping."

On the other, there was the pro-Russian separatist leader in Luhansk who announced the formation of an army to march on Kiev.

These and other statements suggest Ukraine's future will feature yet more unrest, more fighting and more likelihood that it will spawn a full-scale civil war and, perhaps, an international one.

How Putin can afford to pay for his divide and conquer ambitious agenda is a mystery, especially if Western Europe becomes energy efficient and more independent of the need for oil. 

Nevertheless, Putin is probably in a political situation whereby doing nothing to flex his political will and flaunt his Napoleonic ambitions will only make Russia look increasingly inept. This is an especially impossible egotistical situation for Putin, a post the Cold War warrior, because the nation he worked for recoiled from strategic military ambitions, when the Cold War ended.  

World leaders must see where Putin is going. He wants to win the Cold War! Putin doesn't care who doesn't like him or how isolated his nation will become as a result of his staggering ambitions.  

Tragically, the world can shun Putin's bullying all they want, it doesn't matter to him. A bully enjoys cackling in the face of those who grimace at their outrageous and destructive behaviors. Sadly, Putin becomes more ambitious, while the western world leaders scold his bully behaviors.  

Of course, Putin's ambitions will eventually bankrupt Russia's ability to maintain dangerous military strategies. Although he'll probably march into Kiev, like Hitler paraded into Warsaw, his cruel actions won't create a secure Russia, nor help pay the nation's bills. Regardless of how much oil Putin thinks he can sell to China, there's a cost to production. In fact, Putin will have to increase the cost of the oil sold to China, or other nations, to pay for his fiscal ineptness. This increased price will naturally reduce consumption. Poor timing of Putin's gamble on selling Russia's oil is a situation of too much too late. This is because world dependence on oil, and the cost of buying it, are already mitigated by fuel efficient cars and energy initiatives.  

Putin's divide and conquer strategy in the face of a scolding world is causing millions of people to live in fear, and trepidation about what's to become of them and their families. Although Putin is grimacing at the scolding world, his cruel behavior simply can't continue, forever.....but the damage he'll cause before something is done to prevent his ambitions from succeeding are an embarrassment to the entire world. Putin simply cackles,while the world grimaces, scolds, and waits, apparently paralyzed, to prevent a World War II deja vu.

The problem, of course, is there's no equivalent of Winston Churchill to raise the consciousness of the world. There's nobody in my known litany of world leaders who can stand up to Putin like Churchill held off Hitler. President Obama has already failed to do anything, except react to political pressure, and to talk but carry a balsam stick.  

While Putin cackles on....

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