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Friday, May 02, 2014

Russian instigated civil wars - Syria and now Ukraine with Putin as self appointed military strategist

Americans are completely soured about any involvement in the world. Nevertheless, the world is watching uncountable thousands of Syrians living in refugee camps and, now, Ukrainians are headed into a similar crises, just because Russian President Putin is playing world politics, like his stolen Super Bowl ring has magical powers. In the real world, absent the fantasy, no nation's foreign policy is effectively pushing back on this Putin tyranny with any impact.

Today, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel standing alongside President Putin in Washington DC, the Russian's ordered surface to air missiles to shoot down Ukrainian helicopters. Putin is a bully but his visions of grandeur must be challenged. Putin's stolen Super Bowl ring does not give him authority to take whatever he wants when he feels like doing so - like the Ukraine. What will the Europeans do if Putin invades the Ukraine?  They'd better have a plan in place because, otherwise, it will be Poland 1939 deja vu.

This action by Putin, to order the shooting of Ukrainian helicopters, wasn't coincidental. Obviously, it was intended to coincide with Angela Merkel's meeting with President Obama. 

It's only a matter of time when a surface to air missile, a dangerous leftover in Russia's arsenals, will wind up being used against American helicopters.  

But, helicopters are too easy too find. What's truly heinous are the numbers of people who're innocently living in harm's way, or as refugees, because Russian President Putin is playing war games like he's hosting a diabolical Super Bowl party. 

President Putin is like a demon who is dancing in the flames of his own destructive domestic as well as economic and ambitious foreign policies.

In my opinion, Putin's dangerous policies are self destructive. Unfortunately, enormous collateral tragedies are created in the wake of Putin's weird ambitions, to expand his nation beyond its already expansive borders. 

Putin's stolen Super Bowl ring doesn't magically make him a military or economic strategist. Tragically, it just doesn't seem to matter if Putin thinks he has mystical Super Bowl ring powers. He's simply getting away with horribly ambitious goals while he seems to be protected from any negative effects.  

Perhaps Putin's stolen Super Bowl ring really does have supernatural powers. It seems like something is protecting his clearly wrong minded support for expanding Russia into puppet government management. 

Is there any way for Robert Kraft to effectively file a lawsuit to demand to have his stolen ring returned?  Help!



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